Samantha the Renovating Cat

Warning, many cat photos in this post.

Chris and I headed down to LA for Thanksgiving this year. It's been 2 years (gasp, BAD girlfriend) since I've been down to see his family, so I knew it was time I paid a visit. Sadly I was sick most of the time :( but we did get some nice family visiting in, so that's always good.

While Chris was there his grandma Max had him work on a few tasks around her house. Thankfully, because I felt like crap, I got to take some time off :) but I did diligently hand him tools. We also had another helper, one of Max's new cats Samantha who is just about the most curious, friendly, and fearless cat I have ever met.

She was just as helpful as I was throughout the projects Chris worked on

I tried to think of ways I might kidnap her, but alas, I knew Max loved her and she couldn't abandon (the appropriately named) Scamp - the other cat in the house, so I just decided I would miss her lots and lots.

She was a good worker cat and an excellent cuddle buddy if by chance I took a nap in the middle of the day. Oh Samantha the Renovating Cat how I miss you so much already... :)


Old House Lover said...

What a cute cat! We used to have a small long hair black & white cat named Morgan (after the last name of the first owner of our old house) and she loved to supervise home improvement projects so we used to call her Morgan Vila (after Bob Vila) whenever she was supervising.

meryl rose said...

That is a FABULOUS renovating kitty name! Love it :)