Starting the Backsplash

With the prep work done for the backsplash, it was time to get started installing it. And of course, we've chosen all the most difficult and annoying tile to install thus far, so the backsplash was no different.

Basketweave bathroom floor: TINY mosaic pieces that were so difficult to cut and annoying to lay to make sure every piece was on the same level.

Glass subway tile: made us buy a new blade for the tile saw and has no beveled edges so the face is completely flat, therefor if any piece sticks out even 1/16th of an inch more you can tell and it looks like poop.

Glass mosaic backsplash: crackle glass with some sort of epoxy over it. If you don't cut SUPER slow the crackle glass cracks all over the place and the line looks terrible. The glass is also sitting on a layer of some sort of thinset product already and the tile saw gets REALLY mad about cutting through two different materials and will kick back sometimes. It is a FUCKING BITCH to cut

Why oh why do we pick the most difficult tile to install?

Once we figured out how the hell to cut it without the tile saw exploding, we got to work.

The good news: it goes up a lot faster than both the basketweave and the subway, woo-hoo!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it with the countertops. There is just a hint of green in it to compliment the counter color.

We got a bit on the opposite wall as well, but only two sheets, so it's rather unexciting. Hopefully soon I'll be able to share that WHOLE wall :)


threeacres said...

OMG love! I think we have very similar taste. I had no idea tile could have an epoxy finish though. That's crazy. I guess that's their way of getting you to hire someone to install it.

meryl rose said...

Yay!!! I'm not sure what kind of finish it is, but the glass is all cracked and broken, but there is some finish on top so you can't feel any of the cracks, it's all smooth and clean. And I know you mean AMAZING taste when you say similar taste ;)