The Stove is In!

Mark it off the list the stove is in!

What we had to do to get there: install the backsplash, grout the backsplash (more on that later), get the granite cut, run some electrical, push that sucker in, fire it up!

When we initially got the granite installed they templated and cut it REALLY close. We thought about fixing it then, but didn't know what kind of stove we would eventually get, and I was just too fucking pissed off at our granite installers to bother. I know that's completely lazy and would eventually be a waste of money, but I fucking HATED our granite people so the sooner they got out of our house the better.

First Chris made the cut on our plywood underneath the granite

Next we called a well known granite place here, Baker Marble and Granite (to ensure we got a company that wouldn't fuck us like our initial granite installers) and had them come make a cut to make our new, 3/4 of an inch bigger stove with the backsplash fit (I scampered out while the guy was getting something from his truck to snag this pic)

When he was done it looked AMAZING

There's a tiny little spot of uncut granite against the wall that he couldn't get to because we'd installed the backsplash already and he didn't want to risk cutting into the wall or tile. But it will be behind the stove, so no big deal.

Next we had to run some electrical so we could actually plug it in. Our old stove was electric and when we renovated we ran a gas line because we knew we'd eventually get gas, so this was just the last step

(this is Chris asking me, "What the hell are you doing taking these pictures and not getting to work, Missy?" And I'm saying back, "HELLO, you made me wake up at 6 am to drive back from LA and I'm still sick, buster.")

But then we got back to work, or me back to handing him tools....where oh where is Samantha when I need her...

And then we shoved that sucker in! And it looks soooooooooo nice. I LOVE it

Look at that 17,000 BTU's of action!

I am QUITE excited to make tacos tomorrow night. BAHHHHH!!!!!


Stacie said...

Your tile backsplash looks beautiful! Where did you purchase it? I've been searching forever for a tile for our backsplash but can't find anything and this might just work. Thanks!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Stacie! I am WAY in love with it, it makes me smile super big each time I come in the kitchen.

We've gotten almost all of our tile from Import Tile in Berkeley, CA
I'm not sure if you can purchase stuff online from them, but their showroom is great and they have GREAT prices, ESPECIALLY on glass tile. I believe the kitchen backsplash was around $12 sq. ft. and our glass subway tile in the bathroom was just $8 sq. ft. We LOVE them.

Bradley and Jackie said...

Love the way it looks with the hood! Another check off the to do list!! YIPPIE. We just finished tiling our kitchen backsplash today and grouting tomorrow! FINALLY!

Stacie said...

Thank you for the info on where you bought your tile. I'm in LA so unfortunately I can't stop in their showroom, but I'll snoop around their website to check it out. Can't wait to see your kitchen once the tile is done! :)