Universal Khaki

I went over to my dad and Wendy's house this past weekend to do some painting for them while Chris was down in LA visiting family.

First up: the formal living room. It was looking sad, boring white

Wendy decided to go with a shade called Universal Khaki, which (as with many paint colors) looks CRAZY different in different lighting. She'll be using it in 3 rooms and the sample looks like a completely different color in every one.

Once we moved some furniture around in the room...

...it was time to get started

Things went well and the more I painted, the more I loved the color

And by the next morning after some touch ups the room was FINISHED!

Just as soon as the room was done, it was filled with items from the dining room while I got started on the next Universal Khaki space

Alright, now if you don't mind, please excuse me while I go cry because the Giants just won the World Series. And no, those aren't tears of joy. And don't even think I'm pathetically exaggerating, I got all shaky voiced when I called CBH to offer him congratulations. But yeah yeah yeah, I congratulate all the GOOD Giants fans, not all these annoying bandwagon jumpers. So yes, congratulations good Giants fans. Sigh.

Now, could the A's not suck next season please?

*And now, after talking to my mom (ANOTHER Giants fan) on the phone to wish her congrats (as if we sports fans actually have anything to do with the outcome of the game) she hilariously told me that she bawled tears of joy in the bar she watched the game at up on Whidbey and then bought everyone in the bar a round of drinks. I can get behind that. Good job mom.

But again, here's to hoping the A's are at least .500 next season :)

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