A Wall Calendar

I really like to plan things out and have things organized. Working and living in a construction zone doesn't allow much organizing, so I try to insert it in crazy ways where I can.

I am a planner. When we went on our 3 month road trip I had a binder where I kept all of our tickets, resources, a calendar of things we needed to get to, etc. I am the organizer for family events. I planned our 5 year anniversary road trip just a FEW months in advance. When I was in high school my friends called me Monica (from Friends).

So you get it. I am a crazy organizer/planner.

Chris and I both keep schedules of what's going on both on our own and together. The problem is we've keep those lists separate so I always have to make sure to write my stuff on Chris' calendar so he knows what I've got going on, and him on mine.

But then I got a GREAT idea for what should go on this big blank wall in the kitchen

A full size wall calendar. BAHHH!

We had bought a sheet of white board from Home Depot a while ago, so we cut down the leftover sheet to my planned size...

...and I got to griding it all out (yes, that's right I have a to-scale graph paper drawing sitting on top of the white board. I told you, I am crazy).

Drywall squares are great for cutting and hanging drywall, but they also come in handy for drawing out hundreds of 1" x 1 1/4" squares

Once I'd gotten everything drawn out in pencil, I went for it with the sharpie. I used the sharpie on all the calendar grid lines because they don't wipe off

Like an idiot I extended the lines for each day into the area where the month would be written, but it was okay because I had a little plan to make that area a bit more exciting... :)

First I spread out some contact cement (VERY carefully)

Then I cut out some paper and spread out contact cement on the back...

...waited 15 minutes and then VERY precisely stuck it down (because the SECOND the two surfaces of contact cement touch, they STICK)

And now it sits happily on the wall for me to plan and dry erase away!

And each month has fun, seasonal scrap paper

And it's already in use!

We've got November and December of this year going...

I LOVE our calendar!!!! It's so happy and HELPFUL (we still need to frame it out).

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