We Tiled

It's been really stressful and busy the last few days over here, and yesterday wasn't super fun in particular, but we were able to get some tiling done.

What we started with:

So we got to work

As you can see we solved the tile cutting problem - we bought a tile saw blade. It was a $90 investment (!!!!) but we thought about snips and everything in between and it just didn't do the job. The kitchen backsplash is glass mosaic, so the blade will be used a lot, which gives me peace of mind.

We moved on to the wall to the left

We set a level line for the bottom tiles. The VERY bottom line is smaller on one side than the other because the floor isn't completely level, but it was important for the line of tiles at the sink to be level so the sink doesn't look all wonky.

We didn't get all the way over to the other wall, but we got far enough

Bleh tile tile tile tile


aptpupil said...

how many hours has this taken us so far?

meryl rose said...

counting the 4 hours yesterday: 24

threeacres said...

It's really coming along! Good choice on cutting the bottom row askew so that the tile was level with the sink. I can't wait to see how it all looks when you take that paper off the floor.

meryl rose said...

Thanks so much! Yeah, we really planned out that wall to make sure the top looked nice and clean and level. The bottom along the floor won't be perfect, but I'd WAY rather have that part a little off than the top FOR SURE!