Bathroom Storage

We've got a small bathroom. And without a vanity that's got storage underneath, we've got a small storage problem. When we moved in the corner of the bathroom had a closet built in (not original, it was tiled all behind it)

That's a TERRIBLE pic, but you get the idea.

What we didn't like about it: it came out REALLY far into the room (even with the tub) and it made the room look even smaller because it took up the whole corner.

What we did like: it provided a ton of storage.

With a new and improved bathroom we needed new and improved storage. So we hunted around for a standing storage cabinet to sit in the corner. We wanted it tall enough to provide adequate storage, but small enough so it didn't fill the entire space and look ginormous. I also liked the idea of glass doors on it so it made it feel more open and not closed off.

We finally found one (good storage, good size, good looking, decent price) and when it arrived I assembled it

Then came the task of filling it.

I grabbed all of our medicine, toiletries, tampons (yes that's right TAMPONS) that were strewn all over the house and started putting things together (with all the handy containers I bought, hehehehehe)

After an hour or so I got things moved around, put together, and shoved into the cabinet all neat and tiddy. And now that cabinet has been sitting in our front room for, oooohhhhh, 4 months. It's nice when we're in the living room and need medicine, but it's kind of annoying to be in the bathroom, then it's "damnit!"

It's been on my to do list to label all the containers for (all those) four months and because I'm a Lazy Bones Jones I haven't done it. But with the bathroom being completed just around the corner I put it on my to do list (because then I'll actually do it).

Out came the label maker! :)

And like our (apparent) obsession with corn meal, if you need bug spray or sunscreen, you know where to find it


Bunny @ 86n It said...

That's a lot of bug spray. Looks great though!

How did I not know that you have a trampoline along with the toilet in your living room??

meryl rose said...

lol, yes that's right! With super high ceilings in a "formal living room" why WOULDN'T you get a trampoline? Although, sometime in the future it may get moved into the backyard to make room for a ping pong table :)

Pat in New Hampshire said...

Hi, Meryl! I just found your blog, and thanks for the neat stuff I've read so far...your house is (as you know) Adorable!
Your new bathroom armoire is lovely, and the scene around it SOooo familiar!
Here's a glimpse of our life, with my daughter's post on Facebook: She wrote, "My mom just said what I was looking for is In The Dining Room, next to The Toilet." Well, all that's past. The toilet is doing a great job in the bathroom, now the Ikea bathroom sink and vanity are next to the fireplace in the living room! May the FARCE be with you, Meryl ! Have a lovely, cozy holiday.
Pat in NH, "This Little Ol' House"

meryl rose said...

lol! Our toilet was in the front room of our house too! It will only bring lasting silly memories :) And a confused 3 year old when your friends come to visit ;)

Di said...

I love that storage cabinet! Can you share where you got it and who makes it? Thanks!

Your bathroom turned out great, by the way!

meryl rose said...

Hi Di!

Absolutely! We got it from Homedecorators.com (they've got lots of handy stuff for not too expensive). It's called the Hampton Bay 1 Drawer Tall Cabinet. Here's the link

It's $130 and I googled around and found a coupon. It took a decent amount of time to put together, but it's got TONS of storage space. We love it.