Halfway to the Insurmountable Goal

With only three weeks to go till the new year, let's see where we are halfway through our six week Insurmountable Goal list.

The Kitchen

1. Finish installing the door and window trim and paint it - haven't even started it
2. Install upper cabinet trim and baseboards and paint them - haven't even started it
3. Finish installing the backsplash - DONE!
4. Grout backsplash - DONE!
5. Seal backsplash and counters (a once a year task) - DONE!
6. Install frame on wall calendar and paint it - mostly DONE! (the frame is on now, but I need to paint it)
7. Finish electrical for stove and install it - DONE!
8. Enclose fridge? (not sure about this one) - still not sure
9. Cut down, stain/paint and install pass-through - the pass -through is in, we just have to paint it (we decided paint over stain)
10. Install switchplate covers - DONE!

So the kitchen is really in the home stretch. It's mostly just some trim that needs to get installed and then painting it.

The Foyer

We've cut down the trim for the closet and have tested out some stains and have a couple contenders. But we've still got some work to do in here.

The bathroom

1. FINISH installing the tile and trim - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Grout tile - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Seal tile (floor and walls) - on my to do list. I need to do it sooner rather than later because it needs a decent amount of hours with no traffic in the room for it to properly seal.
4. Install ducting for fan - haven't started
5. Figure out and install a shower enclosure - had some installers come in to make templates and give us concrete estimates. But the great debate is still open.
6. Install sink - figured out exact placement last night, but still need it installed
7. Install toilet - bought the necessary parts for it last night
8. Install cabinet over toilet and mirror over the sink - still need to do it
9. Figure out bathroom artwork, get it, put it up - working on it. I found a WONDERFUL clock.
10. Move in "accessories" (corner cabinet, towels, soap dish, blah blah blah) - figured out placement for the oh-so-important toilet paper holder last night
11. Finish last touches on door reversal - haven't started it
12. Paint and install door - haven't painted it yet

And what's still there standing in the way?

I have two afternoon/evening fairs - DONE!
A day long fair - DONE!
A entire WEEKEND fair - that's NEXT weekend
A weekend in LA - DONE!
Family Christmas celebrations - still to come
A football game to attend - went to it
Class - only 2 more weeks
Painting at my brother's - DONE!
A day long movie watching extravaganza (Chris and my's Christmas day tradition) - still to come
48 more movies to watch - now we've got 28 of 300 left with only 21 days. Yikes.
Our jobs - I took more hours over the holidays at my office job

What did we add to the list?

An evening of fudge making with Chris' sister with their family's recipe
Another football game to attend (Chris and his friend are going to a 9ers game this weekend)
Me working utility at a football game this weekend
NO WORK on the evening of the 31st. Chris and I aren't party-going New Year's people. Normally we just stay home and hang out - which would mean working on the house. But this year we decided we'd cook up a fancy dinner for ourselves and watch movies all night. So that means all this crap has got to be done a day early on the 30th because we'll be doing no work on the 31st.

Clearly we think we're EVEN MORE delusional if we think this will all get done. But at least the tile and grouting is checked off the list.

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