Not Even a Week

We've got 6 days left to complete our Insurmountable Goal, which means we've got less than a week to complete the kitchen, bathroom and foyer. But we are OOOOHHHH so close, so we might - that's right we MIGHT - just be able to get it done. Fingers crossed!

The kitchen

What we've done in the 5 weeks since our goal:

1. Finished installing window trim and painted it
2. Finished installing backsplash and grouted it
3. Sealed the backsplash and counters
4. Installed the wall calendar and painted it
5. Finished electrical for stove and installed the new gas stove
6. Cut down, installed, painted pass-through
7. Installed switchplate covers (it's actually quite pathetic that this needs to be on the list, but it's one of those projects that takes 10 minutes but you never really get to it)

What we need to finish:

1. Install the side door trim and paint it
2. Paint door trim that's been installed already
3. Install upper cabinet trim and paint it (Chris has it cut down, we'll most likely install it today)
4 .Install baseboards and paint them

The bathroom

What we've done in the 5 weeks since our goal:

1. Finished installing allllllllllll that tile (all 951 tiles. I am SO glad that's done.)
2. Grouted allllllllll that tile
3. Sealed the floor and walls
4. Figured out shower enclosure and got it installed
5. Installed sink
6. Installed toilet
7. Installed mirror over sink and cabinet over toilet
8. Got bathroom artwork, installing it today
9. Moved in accesories (shampoo, toilet paper holder....) - I actually took the FIRST shower in the new (almost finished) bathroom on Friday! It was magical. NO MORE MOLDY BACK BATHROOM!
10. Installed the door

What we still need to do:

1. Install ducting for fan
2. Finish last touches on door reversal and get it painted
3. Finish shower trim installation (the tub spout needs to be put in, right now it's just capped off)

The foyer

As you can see we're currently in the processed of testing stains to try and match the original stain color. We're on round 2 at the moment. Chris has cut down the trim in the closet, but we're still sitting in the same place we were 5 weeks ago: nothing done :)

What's standing in our way:

We got A LOT of those things checked off

1. I participated in my two afternoon/evening fairs, day long fair and entire weekend fair (selling my custom hand drawn shoes and wooden alphabet baby toys)
2. A weeknd in LA
3. Family Christmas celebrations (an evening at a trampoline park in SF with my mom for our annual non-traditional traditional celebration? YES PLEASE!)
4. Attended 2 football games
5. Class is finished
6. I painted at my brother's
7. Our Christmas day tradition of watching movies all day (we watched 6) and we've got 6 more movies to watch to get us to 300 movies watched in a year (much better than the 48 we were looking at 5 weeks ago)
8. We made fudge earlier this week with Chris' sister and her boyfriend
9. I worked a 12 hour day doing utility at the CA North Coast section high school football championships

What we have left: no work on the evening of the 31st so we can make ourselves a fancy pants dinner and watch movies all night as we celebrate 2010 :)

I think we might actually be able to get there!!! :)

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Now back to work! :)

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