Ooohhhh, the Sink is Pretty

Saturday was a LONG day. I went to work utility (which means you run behind the camera people with a big pile of cables) for the Northern California high school football championships at the Oakland Coliseum a little before noon and didn't get home until just before midnight. It was exhausting. So you can imagine how amazingly excited I was when Chris told me to go look in the bathroom when I got home


There's still a bit of work to do (see: shims), but the sink is looking MIGHTY fine. And I love the look of the modern sink with the more classic faucet

And yes, the toilet is in now too

What a WONDERFUL surprise to come home to! Now whenever I walk down the hall and see the bathroom with all its pretty subway tile and gorgeous sink I squeal with delight :)

And a little side note: now that all the tile is up and we're starting to complete the bathroom with all the details and finishing touches I'm trying super hard to only take close up pics, that way when the big "Before & After" reveal happens you'll get to see everything together as a BIT of a surprise :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous tile, beautiful sink. Don"t you need gfi outlets???

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Yes, it certainly is pretty!

meryl rose said...

Good looking out Bonnie! The power gets fed into the room at a GCFI outlet in the corner, so the two outlets are GFCI protected via that outlet. So no worries, I will not be electrocuting myself :)

Thanks Sara! I'm loving the white table with the stained top in your dining room! When we redo our nook (in however many years from now), I may be taking a play out of your book for our table...

Tamara said...

Looks wonderful. Goodness gracious, what an amazing difference from the PIT that room was when you guys moved in, and then during the demo. You should be really proud of yourselves!

meryl rose said...

Thanks momma! I'm trying not to look at any of the before pics MYSELF so that I'm more "suprised" when we're all done. Hehehehehe :)

Mark said...

Hi Meryl Rose
A very nice lady was reading my blog and my last entry about our first adventure in tile and she suggested i take a look at your blog. Your tile is beautiful! You both are very good and if you are now finished and can;t wait to do it again... well come on over! We are on our first of five bathroom!
My best