A Painted Pass Through

We've had the top of 2 sheets of drywall and a 2x4 as our "pass through" for well over a year

And with the goal of the kitchen being done by the end of this year we finally had the motivation to get a real pass through in there.

Our plan was to just toss a rectangular piece of poplar up there and paint it, but my step dad CBH had a pretty cool idea to make the edges of the side protruding into the TV room curved to make it look more built it.

I got to measuring and drew up the plans, and Chris got to cutting

After a fit or two and some trimming, we got it into place with some PL Premium and counter sunk screws

We tossed in some caulking to fill in the gap...

...added some decorative brackets

...then we slathered on some oil based paint cuz it'll get a lot of traffic, and called it a day.

It's already in full use

This project really took barely any time to do (in the grand scheme of things: spending 40+ hours laying tile), I don't know why we took so long to get it done. But that's just how many things go around here. We're still not quite done with the kitchen and I'm already brainstorming about what to do in the back bathroom.... :)

P.S. If you spy really hard in the last pic, you might be able to catch another task we completed to get us another step closer to finishing our kitchen: completed goal.

P.P.S. I really do not appreciate Georgia Tech losing today. I'm in last place in my bowl pool. Damnit.


kitliz @ DIYdiva said...

Pass through looks great! My two distinct thoughts while reading this post were:
1. Nice tile.
2. Nice drill.

meryl rose said...

thanks Kit! I haven't been able to get a photograph of the tile that I really like because it's crackle glass so it's kinda hard to see the detail, so I'm glad you were able to see it well enough!

Gene said...

The pass-through looks great. Maybe it took so long to give CBH the time to come up with the great idea :-)

meryl rose said...

Good point! I KNEW there was a reason for our prolonged procrastination :)

Tamara said...

Sometimes procrastination really does pay off. I say, go with the flow.


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Wheee, that looks awesome! You are on a roll.

meryl rose said...

Sometimes those little tasks make a big difference! The end is in sight! :)