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One of the great things about our neighborhood is the annual display of holiday lights that most of the houses on the street have put up every year since the Depression. Yup, that's right, for 60+ years (we even string lights from house to house).

We were in contract for our house during the 2008 holidays, and because we're one of the houses in front of the Big Tree on our street (a wider part of the street that's more prominent) neighbors asked our real estate agent if they could put up lights so our house wasn't left out. We OF COURSE agreed and were excited to get to participate once the house was ours.

The only thing that makes putting up lights on our house a LITTLE difficult is the architecture, so we've got to get a big ol' ladder out to help. And because I'm afraid of heights (something that's only started the last few years, grrrr), Chris gets to climb up while I try not to look up at him for fear that I may throw up. So I string all the strands of lights together and tape over the joints

(Chris rigged up a little assistance in the form of a screw on the end of a 2x4)

At some point hooks were put on the roofline of the house. Whether or not this was for lights, it certainly comes in handy

(can you see the hooks on the brown trim just below the roofline?)

Every year there is a get together on The Island where the Big Tree is (conveniently RIGHT in front of our house) for a tree lighting ceremony (the city of Oakland comes to put lights on it). We all mingle, chat, and eat holiday goodies. It's usually one of the early weekends in December, and this time we were tiling RIGHT UP to tree lighting time. We try to get our house done by the tree lighting, and so do most of our neighbors but there is an even more special day to have your lights up by...

Not only does our street have a neighborhood get together, but they also have a community get together every year where SANTA comes and your little ones can visit with him on The Island under the twinkly lighted Big Tree. There is hot cocoa and apple cider and you can stroll the street and see all the wonderful houses all lit up :) And this year that event is THIS Saturday, December 18th at 7pm!

Even if you don't have little ones who might want to visit with Santa, if you live near, in or around Oakland I encourage you to drive down our street (Christmas Eve is the most popular night) to see all the lights and have some good holiday cheer

(this is the view from our porch. See the strand of lights from house to house?)

And give us a wave when you walk or drive by our house! :)

Next year I'm going all out on decorations on the OUTSIDE of the house because besides a tree and stockings I'm not really a big fan of inside Xmas decorations. We were super busy this year, so we just have simple lights on the outline of our house and no tree :( but I've already started a list with decoration ideas for next year :) So pass along any great outside the house decorations you'd like to share!

Happy Holidays!

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LeighC said...

We have a tall peak to our cat slide roof. I farmed lights out this year to a friend :) beats leap-frogging out to the end, hanging over and hooking the lights. We took the Christmas (day) tour with Storybookers a few years ago and would like to do it again. It is really pretty.