Garage Revisions

As with any construction project, the timetable on our garage has shifted. A week or so ago we were hoping the garage work would start on Monday, then it got pushed to Tuesday, now it will most likely start on Wednesday.

This wouldn't normally bother me too much, except once they cut away foundation, it's up to us to dig out enough dirt to pour a new foundation (at the proper depth, not the 4" it is now). Chris and I both have Wednesdays off, and on weekends I can only work on Sundays. So, we wouldn't be able to work on digging out for the foundation till the weekend, which would push back the REST of the work that needs to get completed on the garage (which is pretty much everything). And, like the roof, we are now dealing with the threat of rain, which could push things back EVEN FURTHER.

Normally, I would only be mildly annoyed at this, but move on to another project on the house while waiting. However we're pretty much stuck because everything that was in the garage (which is A LOT of stuff) is now scattered throughout the house

Not only is it hard to find the tools we need, but because they're everywhere, we can't really work on the house much because they're sitting in the rooms we need to work on. Ugh. So we're pretty much stalled waiting, and it sucks.

We have worked a bit more on the plans for organizing, so that's good

And we came up with a page of questions and organizational issues we'll need to address

Hopefully we'll get started soon. I hate the waiting game. Sigh...


A Musical Interlude

This has nothing to do with remodeling, it was just a nice little conversation Mr. Chris and I had last night.

While watching the Olympics last night Chris and I were reminded of a HILARIOUS (yet somewhat offensive) song called "My Dick" by Mickey Avalon (we decided to play it over a figure skating routine instead of the lame music they usually play, it made her routine pretty awesome). And we got to talking about music.

Chris and I met at Tower Records in Davis, CA while I was going to college there. So obviously we bonded early about music. We've listened to so many CDs, talked about so many songs, and shared so many memories that music gives us. It's amazing that certain songs, albums or artists can conjure up such vivid memories in people.

I've always been partial to hip hop, and I think a lot of that has to do with having an older brother and step-brother who influenced my taste in music a lot, (when I was 8 I knew all the words to Tupac songs). But my parents also influenced my taste too, and as a result I like a lot of alternative and classic rock (have I mentioned my love for U2?)

So here are just a few of my favorite memory inducing albums (not necessarily my favorite albums ever, but the ones that bring back vivid memories for me):

1. Warren G - Regulate...G Funk Era

My brothers were SUCH losers when they were little (they weren't really, but they thought they were SUPER awesome). They wore BIG, HUGE baggy pants and humongous basketball jerseys and just thought they were the most amazing things ever. This album will FOREVER remind me of them when they were about 13-15 and just couldn't get enough of themselves. If I ever hear this album it makes me chuckle. I love the songs too, especially "The Shack."

2. Tony Toni Tone - Sons of Soul

This song will remind me of living on Stockton Ave. with my mom right when she met Clarke. She would listen to this album (I particularly remember "If I Had No Loot") while studying for law school, wearing her backwards LSU baseball hat while me and Adam played Sonic the Hedgehog on Saga. We will forever be the Hoohaw family from North, South, East, West Dakota :)

3. Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty

I'll always think of listening to "Intergalactic" SUPER loud in my dad's car while driving to soccer or baseball practice/games. When we came into the garage Wendy would think we were blowing out our eardrums :) Me and my dad always sang this song just as loud as we were listening to it. We were pretty awesome :)

4. TI - Trap Muzik

This album will always remind me of my freshman year at UCDavis. I felt lost and unhappy and was unsure about what was going on in my life. I had always loved music, but this album made me realize that sometimes you don't need people to make you happy, and just being by yourself is okay. I try and always remember that now when other people make me angry.

5. U2 - Achtung Baby

This is BY FAR my most favorite album ever. It brings back memories from all times in my life because I've listened to it constantly my whole life (at least as long as I've ever remembered). When I saw them in concert in Boston last year it was like a DREAM, and now whenever I hear a song from that show on the radio or when I'm listening to the CD it makes me think about how much fun that concert was with my dad and Chris.

6. OneBeLo - S.O.N.G.R.A.M.

This album will forever remind me of the first year Chris and I were together: listening to the album with him in Davis, listening to it while I missed him while I was living in Austin, and then the two of us listening to it together in Austin. I think both of us felt so out of place in TX that we really listened to this album and felt like we "got away." We saw him live in Austin too. His word play is fucking amazing and we still discover new things each time we listen to it. Long album too, that's nice.

7. Eddie Vedder - Into the Wild

Chris and I both LOVED this book, but HATED the movie. We were both drawn to the music and every time I hear it, it makes me think of us, like it defines us in a way. Not as a couple, but just as individuals. I used "Rise" during the credits of a video project I did about my grandmother and uncle having committed suicide. I still can't hear that song without crying. I've probably heard it about 50 times, and each time it still makes me cry. It's beautiful.

8. Beatles - Revolver

This album made me love the Beatles. It reminds me of the baseball trip Chris and I took in '06. We listened to this CD A LOT, and talked about it a lot. "Our song" is "Got to get you into my Life," and I'll always think of listening to this album while driving through North Cascades National Park.

9. Amadou & Mariam - Dimanche a Bamako

I'll always remember Chris listening to this album when he found out his grandfather passed away. I was visiting Davis from TX and it was the first time I didn't know what to do to try and make him feel better, I just tried to be there for him. We talked about this album a lot. It also reminds me of all the amazing, great, cool music Chris has gotten me into, I mean, the guy owns THOUSANDS of CDs and he's always showing me something awesome and amazing.

This album is just for me:

10. Tupac - Me Against the World

I love Tupac. He is one of my favorite figures in popular culture. I have books about him and I own almost all of his CDs (not all the crap they released after he died). You can feel so much hurt, pain, anger, and still, positivity in this album (although most say All Eyez on Me is his greatest). One thing I loved about Tupac so much was that he admitted we were all imperfect, that there is greatness and evil inside of ALL of us, and I feel that so few people really want to admit that. I remember the day he died I sat in the car in the Andronico's parking lot in Berkeley while my mom went grocery shopping and cried while I was listening to the radio coverage.

What albums do you love? What kind of memories do they bring you?


Garage Organizing (the plan at least)

It's official, we start work on the garage next week (most likely Tuesday). VERY exciting news.

Of course, it is my (happy) task to come up with an organizational plan for the garage once it is completed. It was pretty organized before, but it could be done A LOT better. So I have gladly taken up the task.

I've talked with Chris about a general idea of how he wants things organized and drawn up basic plans for the three main walls

We've got room for scrap wood bins, peg boards, shelves, "book"cases to store TONS of tools, work tables, and plenty of other fun stuff. I'll fine tune with Chris a bit more to figure out what sizes things need to be, but it's looking good so far!

Now, we'll only have to wait for a new foundation, repairing of the walls and ceiling, installing 2 new trusses, a new header, fixing the doors so they open properly, reroofing the structure, and then getting power to it. Phew! It'll be a long 2-3 months (that's my estimate at least), but it will be GREAT and look WONDERFUL when it's done!


Wet, Dirty, Tired and SORE

I don't know about you, but on a cold and wet Sunday morning Chris and I enjoy getting the old jackhammer out and demolishing part of our backyard "patio." It made for a fine, relaxing morning.

While we've been waiting for work on the garage to get started, we've gone ahead and started another garage task: getting power to the structure so that we no longer will have to run extension cords from the house whenever we work in there (which is A LOT).

So Saturday when I got home from work at the gallery, Chris showed me what he had been up to.

He got the LB attached to the back of the house (the power will come through this from under the house, into the ground, across the patio and to the garage)

He ran power from the other end of the house underneath the house

And he got out the roto hammer and started trying to chip away the concrete so that we can run the power from the house to the garage

Although the roto hammer has come in handy on MANY occasions, it just wasn't getting the job done this time :( So Sunday, despite the rain (well, more heavy drizzle) we headed over to Home Depot to rent a jackhammer and got to work

I even got in on some of the jackhammer action

Although I tried the jackhammer, and it was pretty fun, I left it mostly to Chris because that sucker was HEAVY and I kept going down too far and I'd get it stuck and Chris would have to help me lift it out.

Instead, I mostly swung the pick ax, further breaking up the concrete Chris had jackhammered, and then using the shovel to clear it out.

We worked REALLY hard for about 2 1/2 hours in the cold, damp mud and got positively FILTHY

Around noon we busted ass to return the jack hammer to Home Depot, flew home, and then I jumped in the shower and ran off to work at the Warriors, it was a LONG day for me.

But, our 12" ditch it nearly complete

The day, after Chris and I are both suffering a bit. I almost died at the gym this morning from soreness and exhaustion. And Chris has a sensitive back from hurting it pretty bad when he was younger, so working that jack hammer for so long yesterday is affecting him today. But, it's nice to be able to look out in the backyard and see a pretty sweet result of that soreness


TV Room Paint Color, Take 2

Two reasons this round of paint samples went better than round 1.

The first: I went to a new Home Depot.

You may think this is a strange reason, but I was accosted by a rude Home Depot employee last time I went to get samples

I gave Mr. Paint Sample Man my little pieces of paper with the paint colors I wanted on them. I was very polite and asked for sample sizes and then went around the counter to wait on the "pick-up" side.

Chris and I have wondered before if any of the Home Depot employees recognize us because we're probably there 3-6 days a week, and the only one who does is the return girl. But apparently now another employee recognizes us, or at least me.

I'm standing waiting for my paint, fiddling with my phone when all of a sudden Mr. Paint Sample Man asked, "Why do you always look so mean whenever you come here? Are you just always in a bad mood or do you just always look mean?"

Ummm, excuse me asshole? Well, now I look mean because you're a fucking dick.

I couldn't BELIEVE he asked that. Sorry I don't walk around with a big fat smile on my face for no reason (personally, I think that would look a lot weirder and I might be afraid of someone who walked around smiling like a crazy person for no reason).

But apparently Mr. Paint Sample Man thinks I'm a bitch, so yesterday I went to another Home Depot because I still felt like slapping Mr. Paint Sample Man in the face.

Now, the MORE IMPORTANT reason round 2 went better: I picked better colors

So I painted my squares on the wall while watching some crappy reality TV and already felt there was a clear winner, but we'll have to wait and see what Chris thinks when he comes home


Painting Indecision

Normally I am not someone who wavers in making a decision. In fact, most of the time I probably come up with the answer to a question TOO soon. When choosing the paint colors in our house however, that has not been the case.

I have been quite indecisive.

1. The kitchen
I found a paint color I thought I liked and had a whole plan for the kitchen. My mom was excited for us and made the trek out to Oakland to help us paint (strange lady...she LIKES to paint, THANKS MOM!)

While we were painting I kept gushing about how much I loved the color. But, once the room was all done, I started having second thoughts. And soon, I really didn't like it. So back to the drawing board we went

And after deciding on another color, we repainted

I'm glad we repainted though and changed the entire color scheme of the kitchen (even if Chris got a little annoyed, and I wasted my mom's time, SORRY GUYS!!!) because I LOVE our kitchen

2. The Art Room

I was REALLY unsure about the art room's color scheme.

At first I thought I wanted blue and cream

After those colors sat in the space they began to make me feel a little calm and plain. So, I decided to change the colors again

I ended up with 13 colors on the walls in the room. But once again, when I FINALLY decided what color to use, I LOVED the room

3. The front room

Another instance where I had to go through two rounds of paint samples

At least with the laundry room and foyer I've stuck with the plan

But now I'm back in the paint color indecision mode.

The TV room.

We are in no position to start painting (bigger priorities and a window that needs to be changed out first). But if we pick the paint color I can at least get curtains made so that we don't have to use a hand-me-down curtain.

I don't know WHAT I was thinking though. How can you be so sure of the colors at Home Depot and then get home and dislike them so much? Sometimes I wish I knew how my mind worked

It looks like I have another round of paint samples to collect.