Additional Demo

Tomorrow I'll give you the last in the long line (well, 3) of Before & After posts: the bathroom. But first, I wanted to show you the pretty exciting demo we got to about a week ago.

Finishing the back of the house, what I affectionately call the "addition" - the back bathroom, the "animal room" and the laundry room - are all on our list of things we'd like to get done next year. In order to get that started pretty much everything has to be ripped down. Wasteful you say? Well, not actually because look at these piece of shit rooms

That's the "animal room," named that because it smelled like wet dog for about the first year we lived here. It sports holes in the floor, a 10 foot wide broken window with lovely curtains, and a door that's too short (which seems to be a theme in this house).

Then there's the back bathroom

I don't know about you, but a bathroom with missing floor tiles, a horrifically moldy shower and a improperly closed up door aren't the picture of perfection. Not to mention the doorway I'm standing in has 15 panels of glass that we had to cover with a towel so you couldn't see people doing their business.

And last but not least, let's see what the back of this lovely "addition" looks like from the backyard

Yep, it's allllll coming off.

So we broke out the hammers, crowbars and prybars and knocked some shit down

I mean now we knocked shit down

At the end of the madness we were left with a pretty cleared out space

I find it all very exciting. There's lots of space to plan, materials to pick out, and rooms to be insulated. Yay!


threeacres said...

Wow a new project! Don't you people ever take a break? That looks like a nice office/sunroom and storage space.

meryl rose said...

not really :) although we have planned two small weekend vacations in the fall, so we'll have a break then! :)

That weird little room is (I think at least) the perfect little office. I'm super lucky that Chris is letting me have an art room AND a little room to put my computer in. He's such a nice fella :)

Tamara said...

WOW! That is a LOT of work.

And why aren't you wearing a mask?

meryl rose said...

Because I never wear my mask... :)