Back Bathroom Floor Plan

My post yesterday about the new plan in the back bathroom left people a little confused (and rereading it myself I realize that it does sound hard to understand), so I'm back today to clarify and draw a comparison floor plan for ya.

What caused the most confusion (I think) was how we're changing the entrance into the room. Here is the room before we started working on it

If you can see to the left, the old door to the (used to be but is now an enclosed bathroom) porch. That door was covered with drywall in the bedroom at some point, but never covered in the bathroom

In that photo, I'm taking the picture standing in the doorway to the bathroom from the laundry room. In the demo process it went through this evolution:

Now looking at it from the other direction

And after we cut down the framing with the reciprocating saw (the wall wasn't load bearing) the wall where the entrance used to be is now completely open

So the wall where the entrance to the bathroom was (in the laundry room) is now completely gone so we can push out and get more square footage. But you can still see the framing for that old door

And the two door pics I posted yesterday were showing the old framing for the porch door that will now be the pocket door into the room.

Old porch framing

New pocket door

And here are two quick floor plan drawings to get your bearings.

Here is the old layout (you can click it to make it bigger)

And here is the new layout (with square footage taken from the laundry room. Again, you can click to make it bigger)

We're still fiddling with exactly what size the shower will be. Our new casement window is supposed to arrive on Wednesday, so after we frame it in we'll have a better idea of how much room we have for the shower.

So there you have it, the old layout vs. the new layout. I hope this post helped clarify things and didn't leave you more confused. And I hope the layout pictures explained things better than my words... :) Let me know if you have any more questions!


Anonymous said...

Much better - thanks for clarifying! It was the closed up only on the bedroom side doorway that is slightly visible in the before picture that was confusing me. I couldn't figure out why you were talking about moving a door when it looked like you had a door in that spot!

Looks like a great plan for improvement - can't wait to see it finished.


meryl rose said...

Yeah, looking back on it I never clarified that, so when I was rereading the post I thought, "Doh!" Glad to clear it up though!

threeacres said...

Ah I see now! Thanks for the follow up post. Looks like a great plan! Do you have any idea for tile or finishes picked out? I'm working on that right now for our bathroom remodels.

meryl rose said...

Glad it helped! We've got the floor and wall tile picked out - that post is coming Thursday. And thankfully we snagged all those goodies from American Standard so we don't have to really hunt for much, the only thing we really need to find is the shower faucet and vanity light.