Framing in the Casement Window

Our goal last weekend was to frame in the new casement window for the back bathroom because the stucco was set to start today (and it did, the first coat is spectacular!) But it took a little bit of work to get to the stucco-ready point.

After demo and ripping down a decent portion of the exterior bathroom wall we saw that we were up against some dry rot on the raised floor (raised to level the space and accommodate plumbing)

We debated a few options for framing this wall properly. Ultimately we decided that because we'd have to deal with the crappy floor at some point, we would just rip it out now and frame the room from the original subfloor. This would allow us to start at square one (easier) and let us take all the dry rot out (safer). So out came the raised floor

And you can see how well it was constructed

(and obviously we mean crappy job and dirty).

After using some muscle we got it all out (well, at least the portion by the window, we only did this part first to ensure we could get the window framed in by weekend's end)

Once the area was cleared out...

...we planned the wall. Again measuring 16" on center for the studs, then figuring out where to place the jack studs and cripple studs

Once the wall was planned out we fixed a string spanning the new wall to ensure that all of our studs we protruding out the same amount so that we can make sure we screw in the drywall and cement board on a flat, even surface

We got all the studs in pretty quick

(don't worry, we did install a header).

Once all the framing was done we slapped the plywood up. A little out of order, but we knew we'd have to cut down some of the original siding to fit in the window, so we figured putting up one piece of plywood and cutting out the square for the window was easier than measuring the cut space

Then we cut out the window opening

Next came the task of actually installing the window. We did a dry run first to make sure all that measuring, cutting and nailing was done correctly (fingers crossed)

Once we determined that the window fit it was time to nail it in. While I held it in place Chris drove in some electro galvanized roofing nails. And pretty soon, we had a lovely, privacy glass window to gaze at

(don't worry, it was flashed when the stucco guys got here this morning)

And because it didn't take us too long, we were able to rip up the rest of the bathroom floor before it got dark. And that stupid piece of plywood had about 60 nails in it which got me working up quite the sweat to try and get it out thanks to our nearly 70 degree weather this weekend

It didn't come without injury. An injury in the form of a nail through my palm. But thank goodness I wear gloves just about ALL the time so the nail in the palm could have been a lot worse

And after prying and sweeping, the space was looking damn good. Well, ready for lots of things to be leveled, insulated, drywalled and pocket doored


Gene said...

You're making great progress! Taking full advantage of this wonderful warm weather :-)

meryl rose said...

I know, this weather is INSANE! Big improvement from last January for sure!