Tear the Roof Off the Sucker

Well, tear the ceiling off the sucker.

When we were working on demo in the "addition" we ripped the popcorn ceiling down (popcorn ceiling in the bathroom, really?)

And ripping off those popcorned tiles left a very "pretty" pattern on the old porch ceiling

Those porch boards had to go. We're saving and repairing them in the animal room, but there is pretty much nothing supporting them in the bathroom, we need to raise the ceiling a bit to put in recessed lights, and well, they look like shit. So out the boards go.

Chris broke out the reciprocating saw to cut a line in the transition from drywall in the laundry area to crappy ceiling in the bathroom so we didn't rip down the drywall when we ripped down the bathroom ceiling. Once the cut was made, we tore it all down

And it was messy

We never cleaned up the asphalt shingle turds in this area of the attic when our roof was redone because there's so little clearance over there it would really not be fun. And frankly cleaning up all those asphalt shingle turds wasn't any fun in the first place, so being in cramped and uncomfortable quarters as well was not something either Chris or I had any interest in doing

As a result, every time we hit the ceiling boards with the crowbar and prybar a shower of shingle turds came raining down on us

(yes, I do know how to wear my ear protection, this is just where I "store" them, and sorry I'm not wearing my mask mom :) )

Once we'd knocked down all the ceiling boards the floor was very, very messy

And after lots and lots of sweeping (and lots and lots of coughing and sneezing) the floor appeared again

The ceiling is now completely bare, showcasing the ceiling joists. On the exterior wall side they are resting on the top plate and are hopefully nailed in (although one can only assume with this house...), and on the interior wall side they are nailed in with only one or two nails

Chris took a few trips up there when the ceiling was still intact and crawled around doing electrical work, so we're pretty happy he never fell through the ceiling considering how poorly it was put together. But again, with this house, that's no surprise.

With the ceiling removed we're pretty much starting from scratch, which is actually a lot easier. We'll fasten those ceiling joists in really well with some Simpson ties (ensuring the ceiling never topples on us while we're showering), drywall it up, and install some damp-safe recessed lights. Looking forward to a real ceiling!


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Nothing like getting rained on by shingle turds.

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Shingle turds. Awesome!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I remember it raining ceiling turds when we demolished our back porch ceiling. That was no fun at all!

meryl rose said...

hooray for no more shingle turds! :) At least hopefully. After the attic cleaning I thought we were all done with them...