2 Paint Jobs in 24 Hours

I showed off the paint samples last week and was super jazzed (along with everyone else - great minds think alike) about A.S. or Glidden's Antique Silver

It had, what I thought to be, the perfect amount of gray and blue in it. I really liked it. Chris did too. It was the clear winner. So Monday after work I picked up a gallon at HD with the intention of getting to painting yesterday. And I stayed perfectly on track getting my butt into gear and painting the animal room with two coats of Antique Silver

I liked it while the first coat was going up, but the later and later it got into the day I started disliking it more and more. It certainly was not Antique SILVER, it was BLUE. Each time I walked into the room I felt more and more negative about it. It was a perfectly fine color, but it just wasn't what I had in mind for the room. With colorful curtains planned and some colorful artwork in the making, having colorful walls made me feel like the room was turning into a fun house.

Chris was very understanding about it, and even though he liked the color he tried to talk me into a decision, ANY decision. I wasn't sure if I liked it enough to keep it, or disliked it enough to repaint. It was also 6 in the evening and with the carpet set to be delivered the next day (TODAY!), if I wanted to repaint, now was the time to decide. What finally made my decision was when Chris said, "I mean, I like it, but you're the one who's going to be looking at the walls all day." Sold. Time to repaint.

So repaint I did. I drove my ass to HD, picked out a new color with no sample or trying it on, I just went for it. I got home and started with the cut-ins. Chris was super amazing and got to work with the roller

I went much lighter the second time and picked a gray with just a hint of blue in it. I want all the white trim in the room to really pop and I want the colorful accessories to not have another feature to compete with. Martha Stewart's Dolphin (color matched for Glidden) was the perfect fit

With the first coat of the SECOND paint job done around 8:45 or 9 at night, it was too late to wait and paint a second coat. Instead, I simply got up extra early this morning, went for a run, and then set a world record for fastest second coat before I had to go to work

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color. It's perfect. It's just the hint of blue to pull it out of boring gray, but not too blue (like it was before) to make the room a crazy, whirlwind, kaleidoscope of color. And after annoying myself with too much painting, I came home to an AMAZING treat

It's a room! There's painted walls, carpet, and a light!

2 paint jobs in 24 hours was definitely worth it.

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