Now ALL the Trim is In!

And it's painted too!

Chris nailed in the last piece of trim Friday evening

Once all the trim was in, it was time to make sure it was all painted properly. Because the original trim that was in here was white, we matched the new trim to that. This weekend I painted LOTS of white.

There were some touch-ups to attend to

Some upper trim to paint from slightly yellow to ultra pure white

And then there was the door from the art room to get to as well, which took FOUR coats of paint and a lot of time scraping the glass to make sure it was clean. Not fun

But after a few hours of a paint brush full of ultra pure white and a little bit of time spent on little wall color touch ups, the room looks great!

Now it's time to get to the details!


Bunny @ 86n It said...

It looks really great!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Bunny! It's definitely getting to the exciting stages!

Gene said...

It looks great! Especially when compared with the 'before' images.

meryl rose said...

seriosuly. The "before" was cruisin' for a bruisin'.

Tamara Holland said...

There really is nowhere else in that house that can compare to the disaster of before, to the triumph of now. And it appears that things go way faster in life if there is no plumbing involved. Or, tile:)

meryl rose said...

Ahhhh the joys of no plumbing or tiling :)