One Painting Done

I started four paintings a couple weeks ago that I plan to put up in the animal room once they're completed. And I've finished the first one, yay!

Here's what it was looking like back when I showed the projects as they were starting

And here's what the finished product looks like

I love it! The colors just make it glow and it's so bright, I really just like staring at it. I'm super happy with how it's turned out. Now I only have 3 more to go!


Tamara Holland said...

Wow, Meryl -- way to go. This looks like an overhead view of a city. Can't wait to see the other ones when they're done.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive!

daydreamer said...

very tight and intense! it is a lot like, but distinct from the word of one of my art neighbors at my studio; controlled, angular, repetitive but not... you should definately stop by my open studios in April and i'll introduce you.

meryl rose said...

thanks so much! Getting one done has got me itching to get the next two finished!