Picardy Vol. 2

Last year for Christmas I made Chris a book using Blurb of all the work on our house. We closed between Christmas/New Year's of 2008, so it seemed like a great present to compile all the work from that year together in a book (narrated with this blog and Chris' website).

This year I wasn't on the ball as much and had too much going on to make it a Christmas present for him, so instead it was a "Hello February" present to him :) But I finally finished it (all 160 pages) and it came in the mail last week!

Chris had fun looking through it

And interestingly, in the same exact position as last year

(although, thankfully our house is no longer 40 degrees inside because we have a heater now)

I think making the books each year is so much fun. It's great looking back on the progress we've made and to see what we started with. It makes it feel like you're actually accomplishing something when you've got 160 pages of work being done to the house. And it'll be even more fun to look through them in 5, 10, 20 years and laugh about all the adventures, mishaps, and headaches. Now, on to more progress to make next year's book even better!

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Tamara Holland said...

I cannot believe that you actually made a second entire book -- and you think February is late for it! I love the title. And it is hilarious that Chris is in exactly the same spot and position as last year. Title of photo: "Chris kinda looks the same."