The Trim is In!

...well, most of it.

We've been lagging on the animal room the last two weeks. We've been out at my dad and Wendy's doing work (pics to come later, I'm waiting till we finally finish it), and it's been cold and very rainy (it's even supposed to SNOW in Oakland tonight and tomorrow morning).

One thing we have made progress on though: trim! Progress does not = done, unfortunately. But when I came home from work on Monday Chris had a nice surprise for me

He even salvaged some of our old window trim to fashion our apron

(many cuts to make all those angles match the windows in the rest of the house. Good job Mr. Christopher.)

Once Chris got the trim in, it was time to paint it. Normally we paint all the trim before we paint the walls (cutting into already painted trim is a lot easier than painting trim after the walls are painted). But because I already painted :) I decided I'd rather be safe than sorry and tape everything off

I slathered on some primer on Tuesday, and when I got home from work on Wednesday Chris had surprised me again. Baseboards!

He wasn't able to get it all done (one small wall missing), but it's looking mighty fine. Because one of the walls is originally the exterior stucco wall, Chris had to be a little inventive when it came to how the hell he attached the trim to the wall (finish nails + stucco = not friends)

And his cut to fit it under the threshold from the art room looks great too (just some touching up needed)

Everything's looking good. Just 2 coats of ultra pure white on the window trim, one more baseboard to install, and some patching and another coat on the rest of the baseboards

Lookin' good.


LeighC said...

I need to remember that trick with the clamp. I know you said the corners are expensive; have you considered making a mold from one and casting new ones in a user-friendly material?

meryl rose said...

I know, that clamp idea was pretty smart! We have thought about making something ourselves, however we've bargained that with the difficulty of the curved edge and various depths, that it's unfortunately probably better worth our time to just to purchase the expensive already-milled corners. I feel bad doing it, but it would take FOREVER to make corners ourselves, and they'd probably look like pooh.