2 Down, 2 to Go

Man these paintings are taking a long time.

A little over a month ago I finished the first of four paintings for the animal room

After I got that one done I sat on the other 3 for a couple weeks. I finally hopped to it again and got to work on the next one. Earlier this weekend things were looking like this

And this weekend I painted and painted and painted and painted and got a lot done. Last night while watching Rebel Without a Cause (my first James Dean movie. He's quite a fox) I finished it!

I love how it turned out! It's mesmerizing. And the two together are looking pretty cool

Now that I'm halfway there the finish line is in sight, which is nice because these take around 20 hours each, but the payoff is oh so sweet.


Gene said...

I especially like the circles one. It reminds me of one of the modes of a screen saver I wrote years ago. It started as a clone of the 'rain' screen saver, but legal had me make it more generic by adding different settings, and it ended up much cooler than just rain (which you could still do as a setting) :-)

meryl rose said...

I call this pattern raindrop! I want that screensaver! :)