The Importance of The Notebook

No not the movie. I hate that movie. Don't even get me started on all the things that are wrong with it...

Anyway! The importance of the PICARDY Notebook

I write everything in here. I wrote down the mixes we tried for stains

Whenever I go look at tile, granite, laundry room storage or ANY samples I always write down what store I was at, which samples I liked and what price they were

I write out directions to obscure molding warehouses so I don't have to look them up again

We plan out rooms, fences, decks in it

And we write down materials we've used.

It really is invaluable. I write notes to myself all the time, so I have become super diligent about keeping this with me at all times

Sure most people have those fancy pants smart phones now, but I'm still a tangible person and so I want to see, feel, touch, and write on lined paper. I don't know what it is, but it's more effective for me.

So having this notebook on hand where I can refer back, prove Chris wrong about something :), or just jot down some idea about the potential materials/layout of the back patio that we won't get to for another year and a half is really nice (seriously I just thought of something a few days ago and wrote it down inside for fear of forgetting about it).

The notebook is used frequently and is much appreciated

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trimblehouse said...

Hi! I found your blog through the Picket Fence blog site. Your house looks adorable, but I really wanted to say thanks for the great post. Writing down all the brands and stains used is a really good idea! If I had to rely on my phone, I would never keep up with it. I might just have to steal this idea for my own renovation project. Thanks!