Not Productive at All

Chris went down to LA this weekend to visit family. I am normally less productive while he's away :) but this time was quite exceptional. While I was "productive," I was in no way house productive.

Instead: I went out to dinner with friends, worked on my animal room paintings A LOT, did a bunch of research for my brother's company, gave my car a superdooper cleaning, made a costco run, did 4 loads of laundry, watched some movies, ran a bunch of miles, did my taxes and spent a large portion of Saturday screaming at the television at the top of my lungs

In this household we still have not forgiven Florida (nor will we ever) for beating UCLA TWICE in the last 5 years in March Madness. So I was literally yelling and jumping around the house - by myself - when Butler beat Florida.

I promise my to do list in my planner makes me look quite accomplished. Even if the house has nothing to show for it :)


Anonymous said...

Butler has killed my brackets this year.

meryl rose said...

my bracket has been positively destroyed. But Chris has Connecticut in the final (he had Kansas winning), so if they can pull it out over Kentucky he'll win our pool!