7 Week Countdown

In just under 7 weeks my older brother will be getting married. VERY exciting. It's crazy to think that the person who used to shove me off the top of our bunk beds, nearly cut my finger off, broke my collar bone, and has been the cause of just about 90% of my major injuries in life is getting married. We've gone from playing Sonic the Hedgehog, Bubble Bobble, and squirting people who drove by our house with squirt guns to adults. It's strange. In my head I'll always think of us as 7 and 10. It's something about that age, before Adam was too cool and he let me run around and play with him and his friends and I idolized him so much. We've gone through periods since then when we haven't gotten along (yes, him and my step brother PEED in my hair spray when I was in middle school), but now we've got most things worked out and he's a pretty good buddy. And thankfully he's not pushing me off the top of bunk beds anymore because, well, that hurt.

ANYWAY! He's getting married in just under 2 months! And yesterday me and my moms held a FABULOUS bridal shower for his wonderfully amazing fiancée Christine. I am SO lucky to be a child of divorced parents that all get along and all enjoy each other. In fact, that night before the dads took the kids out for a night on the town in Oakland to see Jerry Seinfeld live (AMAZING!)

Throwing the shower with my mom and step mom was so much fun and because some of our family won't be able to make it down to San Diego for the wedding, it was a really special afternoon where everyone got to share and visit and celebrate with each other, I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!

Their wedding colors are red, black and white so we put a little twist on it for the wonderful spring day and had turquoise, red and white

We got these super cute canvas totes made as favors to give all the ladies. I LOVE useful presents, so I thought these were pretty cool (and they had some goodies inside too)

And now for the celebration!

The moms!

The mommies and Christine

My mom and dad toasting a job well done on the son (don't worry, the boys left to go to the batting cages during the shower)

Christine got LOTS of fun goodies and I played present writer, hander-to'er and ribbon collector because Christine's sister lives in Hawaii and wasn't able to make it :(

Everyone had a wonderful time, the food was delicious, the desert was amazing, and it was so fun visiting with everyone.

And I had so much fun organizing and celebrating with my moms

And I'm proud of my big bro

Less than 7 weeks till the wedding!


Bradley and Jackie said...

So bummed I couldnt make it! But man oh man was Max on one yesterday so Its a good thing the MONSTER and I didnt crash the super nice party! Love the colors.
PS: you look super cute!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Jackie! Sorry you couldn't make it :(

Tamara said...

Nicely done in all regards, Meryl Rosie! Had so much fun working on this with you and Wendy. We are some lucky folks.

meryl rose said...

fabulousness in all regards :) It makes me so excited for the wedding, bah!!!!