Picardy Poll: When Do You Start Work?

What time do YOU start housework on the weekends?

Whenever Chris and I watch those renovating shows (LOVE us some Renovation Realities and the new and equally awesome Renavation Rookies), I always wonder what neighbors think when people start banging away at 7:30 in the morning. A few weekends ago I was outside weeding and carting our green waste container around making a bunch of racket while the neighborhood was quiet as a mouse at 10 am. I felt a little guilty because no one else was making noise.

On weekends I usually wake up around 7 and spend the early mornings out on a run, in my art room working on some project, or planted at my computer doing research for my brother's company. It's nice to have that early morning time to hang out by myself.

Around 9ish I usually make me and Chris a nice breakfast to start the work day off right and then I wake the sleeping beauty :) Normally we're outside, around the house, or on a trip to the hardware store by about 9:45/10. Because we're working on the house nearly every weekend I don't want to be a bad neighbor. I don't want to start bang bang banging too early, or keep it going too late into the night.

I know working on your house comes with home ownership, but I also think it's polite (especially for city living and closer to your neighbor quarters), to lay off the loud noises at times that are distracting, annoying, or just plain rude.

So what time do YOU think it's appropriate to start your house work days on the weekend? Are you a super early riser and lucky to have lots of land and further away neighbors that the clanging of a hammer is no distraction or annoyance? Or do you and your family have a "No work till ____ am" rule?

What Time do you Start Work


Sarah said...

The only time I broke my no work before 10 am was when the tile guys were here and they started the tile saw (inside) at 7:45 in the morning. Come to think of it, did that for the roofer's as well. But it was a week day on both occasions, and my neighbor's lawn guy always starts mowing her yard before 8:30am on any given day. I think as long as its not an every weekend thing -- early mornings are ok.

Sarah said...

I am an early bird (like 5 and 6 am some mornings), but still try to keep things very quiet until 9ish am. I also try to be quiet after 8 pm. I have young children and am very conscience that my neighbors may also have young children trying to sleep.

meryl rose said...

that's a good point about young children. Our immediate neighbors don't have any, but our across the street neighbors have 2, and as a couple with no kids I NEVER thought about that. Thanks!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

I voted 9am, but we have certainly started earlier. In the summer months, some things just can't wait until it gets hot!
No mowing before 9am though!

meryl rose said...

The heat is one thing we're really lucky not to have to worry about a lot. Only on occasional weeks a year does it really get past 80 here in Oakland. And cuz I've grown up in the central Bay Area I'm totally spoiled and have no idea what to do with my cranky self when it's that "hot."