Please Excuse the Bits and Pieces

You may have noticed the last week or so that my blog posts have been quite short, or non-house building or about food we're eating :)

Chris and I have a big project up our sleeves and we're right in the thick of it, but I don't want to reveal much of it till it's DONE, so please be patient. I don't mean to tease or ruffle feathers, so I apologize for the little information about a big project.

But be patient! Until then (another 3-4 weeks is our guess), you'll continue to get silly little posts about our artichokes or a really exciting free pamphlet we got in the mail yesterday (seriously, it was very exciting) or other small projects around the house.

I promise after all these random little posts I'll have a super cool and exciting big post for you!


Anonymous said...

You are teasing - it says so right here - my word verification is tessese!!!

Anyhow - you must either be painting the exterior or working on that reconfigured bathroom.

Can't wait for the reveal.


meryl rose said...

Hmmmm, those are veeeery interesting guesses ;)