Thanks for Terrifying Me Ringo

A bit over a year ago we gained access to the side of our house by building a fence

Then we discovered a drainage issue

So we built a french drain

And now there are no floods. Yay!

Our neighbor has a not friendly dog named Ringo. We've lived next door to him for 2+ years now and he still barks at us every time he sees us. As a result, we sort of neglect that side of our house even more than normal because he goes insane whenever you're over there.

But with the strange winter/spring weather we've been having lately (lots of rain, lots of sun, then lots of rain, then lots more sun), our weeds have gotten a bit out of control

And that's all the weeds that grew through 3 layers of filter fabric and a top layer of rocks. Weeds on crack that's what those weeds are.

2 weekends ago during some beautiful weather I decided to remedy the weeds. So I hauled the green waste container around the yard and picked picked picked away. As I made my way over to the side of the house Ringo began to get very upset with me. I tried to ignore his snout being shoved under the fence as far as it could go and his incessant barking. Annoyed, I made slow progress.

As I got down to the front of the house his barks became more and more viscious, and I finally called it quits when he THREW himself against the fence. Totally freaked out (and this is no teeny dog) I grabbed my pile o' weeds and hightailed it out of there.

Luckily I got most of the work done

But needless to say, I won't be working on that task again anytime in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Next time try Round-Up. Not on the weeds but on Ringo's owner.

LeighC said...

Ringo needs to learn some manners. I have the same barking/snuffling under the fence to deal with when I work in my veggie garden at the back fence. Thankfully, the renters eventually put their two yap dogs and big dog in when they hear them going ape-shit. Black pepper, ammonia in a spray bottle work well enough...so does a hose sprayed over the fence. With the last set of dogs I made friends with the owners (who are still good friends even though they moved)and made friends with Upper and Baby Girl so they would not growl at me when I was weeding :)

meryl rose said...

I was thinking about getting one of those noise maker thing-a-ma-jiggers too. ANYTHING to stop the barking.

LeighC said...

I had thought of ultrasonics too, but I am too cheap! If you get one let me know how it works.

Anonymous said...

Soapy water in a good squirt bottle. Ever got soap in your eyes ?? Nuff said.