Berkeley Roof Services = No Longer Friends

In December of '09 we got our roof redone. It was VERY necessary as there were at least a dozen leaks in our attic and there were cups and buckets strewn everywhere to try and catch everything

We got about 4-5 contractors out to bid because there was no way we were attempting our first re-roofing job on a roof as complicated and dangerous as ours. We ended up going with Berkeley Roofing Services, a small local company that got bought by a larger local company, Westco Roofing.

Getting our roof redone was awesome to watch, and awesome when it was done

I thought the workers did a great job but I wasn't too thrilled with the office staff, especially our contact Ki-Suh (not sure of the spelling). He was incredibly disorganized, called us one day and said we had to rush home from our jobs to pick our gutter colors in an hour or they'd be on back order and we wouldn't get them for at least a week, and wasn't very easy to get a hold of.

But in the end, the workers were professional, nice, and their work looked great. And above all, our roof didn't leak anymore!

Well, fast forward to today and we discovered some stuff they didn't do a great job on. I know I'm being SUPER picky, but when you pay $20,000 for your roof to be redone (and by pay, I mean borrow from your parents), you expect a flawless, perfect job. And yes, that amount made our jaws drop too, but it is definitely the going rate in our neighborhood because of the price of living here in the Bay Area and the level of complication of our roof. Bids came in $6-$7,000 more than that in some cases.

Anyways. When you pay as much as a new car for your roof, you want things to be perfect. So when the paint on the venting starts to peel off only 16 months later, you get a little ticked off

Peeling here


And here

And those are just the ones I could conveniently photograph.

Finally annoyed with staring at peeling paint that was OBVIOUSLY not primed (take an extra 20 minutes to prime and let dry you lazy workers) I called to get them to fix it. Yes, you may find that annoying that I called to make them fix it, but hey, they fucked up and didn't paint it right and we paid for something to be done correctly.

It took a month. A MONTH for them to finally get their ass in gear. This included about 6 phone calls made by me and a couple made by Chris. The assholes never called back after numerous messages I left and a few times said "oh, we'll get someone on this and give you a call back." No call back.

Parents, teachers, coaches, everyone always tells you to be polite and nice. Well, sometimes being polite doesn't work. So finally, I called and was a bitch on the phone. I told the receptionist this was absolutely unacceptable and that the workmanship was not up to par and that they needed to come out and fix it pronto because I'd been hounding your company for FOUR WEEKS.

Later that day Ki-Suh came out to look at things and agreed that, yes, that was wrong and that he'd bring some guys over to fix it. When the guys came over (with the wrong color paint), they feigned responsibility and insisted that they had primed. Really? Because all that paint peeling is where the fucking sticker labels were and they obviously just peeled off because you were clearly too lazy to pull a sticker off and took some extra, unprimed paint with it. We're not idiots over here.

Another week goes by and the workers come over while Chris and I are at work. I got home from the A's game to find them crawling around on the roof. I greeted them and they seemed quite put off by me, oh the fuck well. I went inside, checked my email, got the mail and then came outside. I was inside maybe 5 minutes. They had left. When I opened the door I found a can of spray paint on the doorstep and them gone. Not even a knock to let me know they were done and to make sure the job was done correctly.

We had told them they needed to chip all the paint off, prime, and repaint. And to PLEASE mask off so spray paint wasn't everywhere.

Well, they removed the old paint, but they certainly didn't mask off, because, yup, that's blue fucking spray paint on our 90 year old brick

And on our shingles

And in the sunlight you can see that their paint job wasn't done well. There's streaks and inconsistent coverage.

Overall, I'm totally pissed off. I'm sure some of you readers think I'm a raging bitch, but to me, when you pay a lot of money to have "professionals" do things, they need to be done right. And the part that is most annoying is that peeling off a sticker and priming and letting it dry would have taken 20 MINUTES. It's just absolute laziness. And then, when you have to call and call and call for 4 weeks to get someone out to look at it, and then they're lazy again, it just makes my skin crawl.

Chris wanted to know if I'd call again and have them fix it, and at this point I don't really care anymore. Clearly they don't care, and they're not going to do it properly again, so I don't want more of the roof fucked up. Assholes.

Berkeley Roof Services and Westco Roofing - you're on my shitlist.


Anonymous said...

You have the right to be pissed off. You need to Angie's list their asses. And a complaint to the BBB would be on my to-do list also!

meryl rose said...

Oh, I am SUCH a geek because "Reviews" is on my to do list tomorrow. Yelp, Angies, BBB, I'm going everywhere!

Kuldeep said...

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Tamara Holland said...

Yelp, too. And I love your "bleh" tag.

I am sorry that the other humans in the world do not have your skills, responsibility and follow-through. It would be a better place if so :)

Much love,