A Tile Saw Cover

Our tile saw sits on the floor in the garage

Chris was thinking that because it gets all dusty and covered with saw dust that it'd be nice to have some sort of cover for it. He's been bugging me to work on this project for a loooooong time, but I was nervous, so I'd been putting it off for a looooooooong time :) I can sew a panel of curtains and have sewn a simple quilt before, but something with weird angles and a three dimensional shape made me scared.

But I finally got my ass in gear and decided to tackle it.

So I pulled out the saw and took some measurements and reference photos

And armed with my notes and photos...

...I went inside and tried to sketch up a plan of attack.

I decided to construct a cover for the tall, back part of the saw, and a separate one for the shorter, front part, then I'd sew the two together

I figured this would be the easiest way for me to not mess up. Or at least not mess up drastically :)

I labeled each piece I'd need to cut, and then drew out how much fabric I'd need to buy

2 1/2 yards would give me plenty to make the cover and enough to re-cut some pieces if I messed up.

Now that I knew how much fabric I needed I went online on fabric.com (great source for cheap, good fabric) to look at what might be a good material for the project. I picked out a few, thicker, more durable fabrics and sent Chris the links and let him choose which one he liked best. He picked a light khaki canvas.

Once the fabric arrived...

...it was time to get started.

Because I had labeled my pieces on my drawing, as I cut them out of the bolt I pinned their number to them so I'd easily be able to tell which piece was which

Soon all the pieces were cut and I was ready (fearful, but ready)

But I just followed my directions piece by piece and slowly assembled

And after about 90 minutes of sewing and two trips out to the garage to make sure things were fitting properly I was done!

I wasn't completely thrilled with my work (it's too big on the top part), but for my first three dimensional project I was pretty satisfied that I didn't royally mess up and that it fits kinda okay. Chris is much more impressed, which is a nice motivator :)

It's not perfect, but hey, it works. And it serves it's purpose, so I guess I give this project a thumbs up


Anonymous said...

Big & loose is better than too small - and probably better than a fairly tight fit also. Now you have room in case it shrinks a bit if you wash it - and you'll probably do that once or twice. And you won't have to fight with it when taking it off or putting it back on.

Looks like a win to me!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Cheryl!!! :)

Gene said...

Good heavens...you've invented the chop saw cozy :-)