While We Were There...

While we were at my mom and CBH's we decided to kill two birds with one stone at repair their front porch. It was a two visit job (drying time) so we worked on it while we were out there for Mother's Day, and then again this past weekend before we headed up to Windsor.

My mom and CBH have a way cute little 1920s cottage on a hill

Picturesque, no?

The paint on the "handrail" of the front porch has never taken properly, it has always bubbled up - when my parents got their house painted, when they tried to fix it themselves - always bubbled. The plan was to try to help DE-bubble it. And of course I didn't get a before picture.

When we were out there for Mother's Day Chris got started on sanding things. I wasn't much help because CBH and I were going on our last long training day before the half marathon and running 10 miles, so Chris got to it without me

He'd sanded the top part, but the bottom part with the white spots is where primer was painted because all the reddish paint had bubbled up and peeled. Chris worked on sanding it all down to try and get down to the bare wood

He also tore down the board below the "handrail" because it was rotten

And then the top got painted in shellac based primer

When we came back to the house on Saturday afternoon to finish up the task before leaving for Windsor Chris decided he didn't approve of his prior sanding job (he'd only had the palm sander the first time) so he brought the belt sander this time and sanded the "handrail" down again

I followed with the palm sander and two rounds of finer paper and we got things down pretty bare (a bit more bare than the above pic showed). We were hoping that with the wood that bare and a really good shellac primer coat on top that the bubbling problem would hopefully be solved.

We also filled in some gaps with great stuff...

...and put in a new redwood 2x4

Once we got the shellac primer on, it was time to head up to Windsor to stay at our hotel for the night (the half marathon started at 7am and was about an hour north of mom and CBH's house).

The afternoon after the half marathon, after my mom's newspaper reveal breakfast :), Chris and I came back to mom and CBH's house to get the first coat of paint on over the shellac.

The job's not done as there still needs another coat of the reddish shade and the bottom piece needs to be painted gray, but it's a vast improvement, and hopefully a solved problem as well!

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Tamara Holland said...

Holy crap! I don't read your blog for a little while, and look what I miss! Thanks for doing this great work, kids, and for chronicling it so well here. And for the newspaper article plug:)