No More Ugly Aluminum

As I teased you about two weeks ago, this window got replaced

What, this ugly aluminum window doesn't scream KEEP ME to you?

It just looks so sad and pathetic with all the great, chunky, wood windows.

So we set out on getting it replaced.

We knew it would come with a hefty price tag, so we tried to keep it in the range of not making us vomit. We debated a few materials.

Vinyl: cheap, but not a contender for us for the front of the house because of the great architecture of the home and trim of all the other windows.

Wood: a dream, but REALLY expensive.

Fiberglass: the best of both worlds. It was much more cost effective (especially with the company we chose, Armstrong), and it had a beefy exterior trim package that made it look like a nice, big wooden window without the bank breaking price. Plus, we could give a simulated divided light look that mirrored the turret windows, and the window could be operable so we'd get some circulation.

The window we settled on is a brand new product for Armstrong called Infinity by Marvin. It's a fiberglass window that resembles wood and is way more cost effective (and they didn't pay us for any of this advertising, we just wanted to share our product choice with you). We went with a "Pebble Gray" finish on the outside that is paintable (it only comes in a few colors so we went with a darker gray so our blue trim color would cover well over it). The inside finish is called Everwood and it simulates real wood and is stainable. When they deliver and install your window they give you a few samples of Everwood trim pieces so that you can test how it takes the stain to select your color. We were thrilled with out window selection.

Once the window was selected and our contract was signed (we were actually the first customers of theirs to sign up for this new window and so they upgraded our hardware to oil-rubbed bronze for free), it was just a matter of waiting 6-8 weeks for the window (7 to be exact).

When the installation day came, it was very exciting: professionals doing something and me just getting to sit by and watch! (and the workers were incredibly nice, professional and quick considering it was only the 3rd Infinity window they'd installed)

We LOVE the new window. We've gotten some compliments from neighbors on it and I just think it fits the space and anchors the center of the house so well. Not to mention it keeps the front room a lot cooler because there's no more crappy, single pane aluminum window anymore. And now that the weather has really warmed up (minus the RAIN yesterday, what the hell?) it is so great that the window is operable because we can open it up in the evening time and get a great breeze going.

Now, we just gotta finish painting it


Erika said...

Audible gasp! The window is beautiful!

I can't wait to see the new front of house picture!

I totally missed that the trim will be blue - what color will the body of the house be?

meryl rose said...

THANKS ERIKA!!!!! :) The body of the house is super super super super light blue gray. You can really only tell it's NOT white when something white is up against it, hehe :)

Robin @ 3 acres & 3,000 sf said...

That turned out great! We still haven't stained our fiberglass patio door in the basement which we installed...oh 3 years ago. But we still haven't figured out what color the trim and floors will be in the basement so that is our excuse for now. I never considered a gel stain but that is really a good idea! Ours isn't Everwood though it's just fiberglass stamped to look like wood. We were told it would take stain but we've always planned to paint it. A gel stain might just be the best of both worlds.

meryl rose said...

Go for the gel stain!!! Now that it's been a couple days the color looks even richer, I really like it!