Oh Yeah, And the Garage is Painted

When we decided to paint the house we also decided to finally finish painting the garage. We did "finish" the garage last year, but we only got the inside done and the front painted

We still had never done anything about the side

Yup, that's our sample paint colors back when we were picking out what color the house would be.

And the back looked less than desirable as well

Out came the power washer

And after not too long we were left with the cleanest slate we could get to (what is with that weird stucco patch on the left?)

And Chris also sanded down the back a bit to tame the redwood so there were no crazy splinters when we repainted it (you know my irrational fear of splinters)

Once the prep was done, it was time to get the primer on. We used this stuff on the back wood siding to make sure it was sealed really well so there was no more rotting (we had to make a few repairs)

And it was up to me to use that Purdy brush and paint allllllll the siding in the back - in that tiny little space - with one layer of primer and two color coats

And let me tell you, getting the ladder back there and trying to get up and down it to paint the top layers of siding was quite a shuffle

But after a lot of hard work I got 'er done

Then it was just lather, rinse, repeat for the side of the garage

And that photo is proof that our house color isn't actually white, it is in fact a dirty light blue gray :)

There was also that pesky window that Chris had to reglaze (and we'll be sharing more details and a "how to" in a number of posts because we - and by we I mean Chris - reglazed a lot of windows)

With all the repairs done and the color coat painted...

...it was just up to Chris to get the trim painted blue.

And just so we have reference of what the garage looked like when we moved in...

...with it all painted now it looks like this!

Much better no?

And yes, in case you were wondering, that is Chris' beloved VW Bug Malcolm sitting on our lawn

Normally he sits on the patio right in front of the garage, but we were doing some backyard space planning and well, we needed to make room so we had to roll it on to the grass which involved some expert steering and lots of pulling and pushing

(yes, that's a strap hooked on the bumper)

We're obviously a work in progress. But hey, at least the garage is painted right?


Anonymous said...

Looks so pretty!

Were you able to paint the far side also? Looks like the fence on that side runs right up against the garage.

Cheryl in
Orlando, FL

Erika said...

This looks absolutely terrific. Excellent work and beautiful choices.

It's official - I have garage envy!!

meryl rose said...

Thanks!!! It's definitely nice not to stare at that peeling paint anymore!

Cheryl - we didn't paint the far side because it's on our neighbors propert, but I know he and his wife keep good care of it

LeighC said...

Lovey zero lot-line garage. Our garage is on one too. Sucky.

LeighC said...

Looks great. Zero lot-line garage. We have one too. Sucky :(

aptpupil said...

the weird stucco patch on the left side of the north wall is the result of a fire that occurred in that corner of the garage probably 30 years ago.