Our Windows Look Like Crap

The windows around our house (particularly the front and north side) were looking like shit

Divided light windows are beautiful, but when the 5 of them on your turret have fucked up glazing everywhere, you kinda hate them.

Tomorrow I'll share with you the "How To" of re-glazing, but today we'll just talk about how much it sucked :)

Again, here's another example of our not-looking-so-hot windows

And so we made it our goal to bring them into the 21st century and looking beautiful. A tough task.

It started with scraping

Scraping to remove old paint, old glazing and rotted wood

There was also some glass removing (bad, broken panes)

And some salvage window buying, removing, cutting down to size and installing

(we purchased a vintage window with 8 divided light panes for $5 (!yay!) to get the same wavy glass as our original windows)

But mostly it was just a TON of this

And by ton I mean I'm not exaggerating when I say that Chris re-glazed 40+ windows. Seriously.

It got boring and there got to be so many that he started re-glazing in separate stints. 2 windows here. 8 windows there. If he had sat down and done all 40+ in one weekend I think he may have gone insane.

So over the course of a couple weeks I found him doing a lot of this

And slowly but surely the windows were looking better and better

And not only did he re-glaze, he also repaired. Check out this before

And after

Not tooooooo shabby.

I'm telling you, that Christopher is pretty pretty pretty good to have around :)


LeighC said...

I stripped, sanded, filled, puttied, primed and painted our 5 front windows right after we bought our house in a marathon month. Looked great. I thought wow, if I only do one window a month I will have the rest done in, oh, a year and a half. Six years later and I never finished those other windows. Kudos to you folks for finishing :)

meryl rose said...

Nothing like impending exterior paint to get you motivated!!! :)