Patio Party: Day 2

After Chris and my fun adventure ripping up 50 sq. ft. of concrete the first day, we knew we were in for a doozy on day 2. Thankfully, I could only help for an hour before I had to get showered and go to work at the A's :)

Day 2 was set to be Chris' friend Luke and his girlfriend Claire, but at the last minute Claire wasn't able to come, but Luke still hauled himself over to our house. (A side note about the wonderful Luke --> he was at Comic-Con this past weekend and was on the Cowboys and Aliens red carpet in the stands. He was so raucous he got a FREE TICKET to the premiere given to him by one of the actors! Skip ahead to minutes 52-56ish to see him get the ticket and get INTERVIEWED!)

Before Luke came Chris drove to HD to get the jackhammer rented

The plan was to use the jackhammer for 4 hours because it's rented in 4 hours blocks, so if you rent it for 4:15 you get clocked with a full day bill, boo. We would use it to carve out a grid in the concrete that would help relieve the huge mass of concrete and make it easier to break up later. Luckily there was already a grid in the concrete, so it made figuring out where to jackhammer really easy

Chris found using the jackhammer right on the line tended to get it stuck

But if he used the jackhammer at a perpendicular angle to the grid in the concrete or used it slightly above or below the grid line, it worked a lot better.

After Chris went across the patio with the jackhammer...

...I went back and used the sledge to try and break things up

It was a pretty good method that allowed me to break things up easier and then I had a big enough gap to use the pickax end of the mattock to pry up chunks of concrete.

Shortly after, Luke arrived and tried his hand at the jackhammer

And soon after that while the boys were at work together...

...it was time for me to get ready for work.

I made sure to take some pictures of what things looked like before I left.

The main patio area

The side of the house

And the concrete pile

THEN it was time for me to go to work. Have fun boys!

And while I was at the A's watching and working a great game I wondered, "hmmmm, how much concrete will be up when I get home? Maybe they'll have gotten the grid jackhammered and maybe they'll have some of the side of the house broken out. Hmmmm......"

I was not prepared when I got home. I believe I said "Holy shitballs" aloud to myself when I pulled up to the house and saw this huge pile

Those boys went to town.

This is what the backyard looked like

Yup, holy shitballs

When I got there they were working on ripping out the concrete on the side of the house

I had to get a picture of the two all-stars

I kept trying to convince them to call it a day because it was nearly 5 and they had been working since 8am. Of course they scoffed at me. That is until the wheelbarrow broke. For a second time

I was finally able to convince them to stop working. Thank god. I thought they might keel over.

We spent the rest of the evening watching sports and I treated the boys to dinner for all of their hard work. Chris and Luke definitely put my and Chris' puny Day 1 to shame.

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