The Gate We Never Had

This gate has never actually been on the house as long as we've lived here

It's supposed to go here

But when we moved into the house 2 1/2 years ago it wasn't attached, and we have no idea when it got taken off the house. Instead, it was sitting in our backyard and has been floating around ever since.

With the house getting painted I thought it was finally time to clean it up and reattach it. It needed some good cleaning too: it's rusty and crusty.

We took a trip to HD to find an attachment for the grinder or drill that would help clean things up. After scouring the shelves we finally settled on this baby

Simply because it had this pic

Yes, that's right, we chose it because it had a picture of refinishing wrought iron. All the other attachments looked pretty similar and none of them specifically said anything about it being a tool to help refinish wrought iron, so because this one had a picture of it, we figured it must work. Scientific, I know.

I attached it to our drill and got to work

It worked REALLY well (though it was a bit loud). The crusty finish came flying off. Sanding both sides of the entire gate took me about 90 minutes, which I didn't think was too bad.The only downer was that it took me 2 days because that sucker burned through batteries (it took 5) so I had to wait for all the batteries to get charged up before I could continue.

The part that was difficult however was the curly-q areas...

...the sanding tool couldn't get in those tighter spaces, so Chris and I tried a few tools

Nothing worked great, but we managed with some hand sanding.

Once it sanded down...

...it was time to repaint it. I thought about painting it some bright, fun color for a second, but then thought better: you can't really mess with classic, decorative wrought iron. So we settled on glossy black

And spray away I went

I sprayed both sides with two coats and it seems to have covered REALLY well

And what's even better, now it's ready to actually go back on the house. And that should be quite an adventure because not all the hardware is in place and this sucker is fucking heavy.


Erika said...

I have gate envy. Love it ...can't wait to see it in place!

meryl rose said...

thanks Erika! Chris and his friend tried hanging it yesterday, but were unsuccessful :( it's back to the strategy drawing board!

aptpupil said...

we're going to wing it next time:
should be better than toggle bolts or the lead sleeves/lag screw combo we tried last time.

meryl rose said...

lol! Good one Christopher :)