Getting the Pergola Started

First on the to do list for the backyard is breaking up the patio and putting in the pavers, but in order to have our raised beds ready for our patio demolition fill, we need to build the raised beds.

So we bought our supplies and had them delivered

The darker wood is pressure treated Doug Fir and will build the raised beds and be the main frame (6 posts) of the pergola. The remainder of the wood will be for building the rest of the pergola (it will all be getting painted). After hauling all that wood to the backyard we got to work.

With the shed finally moved to its new home on the side of the house we had our new, cleared space ready

So we got to assembling.

HD didn't have 20 ft. lengths of PT 2x8s, so we had to add some wood to the end of the 16 ft. ones to get our dimensions right (this raised bed is about 17' wide)

Early on in the project I had to leave to go to a jobsite for a couple hours to check on some work being done to a property my brother owns, but when I returned Chris had made some great progress

The blocking on the inside is to help tie the 2x8s stacked on top of each other together and the rebar in the front is to give some tension in case once the bed is filled the wood bows a bit with the force of all the dirt being inside.

Once the first bed was complete it was time to make sure things were level

When knew things were pitched towards the garage a few inches, and with some shims we got things just about perfect

(don't worry, later we added a little bit of concrete underneath to help hold the frame up at that level).

Once the frame for the first raised bed was built it was time to set the posts. I took some old spray paint my dad gave us when they were moving to mark where we should dig. But we had some trouble getting it open - as in when we were pulling there was so much paint and crud that the entire cap ripped off except where the nozzle is

After getting a slightly less broken spray paint can I marked where our posts should go

Then it was time to use the roto hammer to break up the top layer of concrete and dig down to set the posts

After all 6 of our post holes were dug it was time to set them in one by one

We placed the first 3 posts in their holes, made sure they were plumb and bolted them to the frame. Once that stage was done we mixed all the concrete and poured it in to set the posts

We called it a day after the first 3 posts were done - our backs hurt, we had almost run out of concrete (about 2 1/2 60lb bags per hole) and the sun was beginning to set

The next day after work we came out in the evening and finished the remaining 3 posts with the same formula: placing the posts in their hole, getting things plumb, bolting them in, then pouring the concrete

When we finished one post had fallen a bit out of plumb so we rigged up some bungee cords to help pull it back in place

And of course no concrete project would be complete without some initials being carved in :)

With the back raised bed frame built, the posts for the pergola set in and the lengths for the front frame cut (but not installed to make rolling the wheelbarrow up to the back bed easier) we're ready for some patio demolition!


Bunny @ 86n It said...

We are on some weird bloggy wavelength together because my post today had concrete imprints too!

meryl rose said...

lol, I saw that. Franca's little hands are MUCH cuter than our initials :)