Patio Party: Day 1

Our goal was to get the patio broken up in 4 days. Day one would be me and Chris, day 2 would be Chris and his friends Luke and Claire (I had work) and then a killer weekend would be Day 3 with his sister and her boyfriend and Day 4 would be my 4 parents. 4 sucky concrete demolishing days. But hopefully 4 days would be all it took!

Our goal is to also do all this demolition without having to rent the jackhammer for more than 4 hours.

Day 1: me and Chris.

We tried a few methods of trying to slice through the concrete before we broke it up. This method worked well when we had to break up 1/3 of the concrete in the garage. Slicing through helped break things up easier when we came through with the sledge later.

First up, the grinder

Once Chris had sliced through he broke out the sledge and tried to break up the hunk o' concrete

(please excuse Chris' mis-matched socks. He hurt his ankle a little while ago and the swelling hasn't gone down all the way so ankle socks aggravate his still swollen and healing ankle)

The grinder and sledge did not work.

Next, the skil saw

This method didn't really work either. Which sucks because it really worked great with the garage.

Instead, Chris got a little bit pried up in the corner...

...and we were finally able to get started.

It was Chris: sledge sledge sledge
Meryl: pickax, shovel, pickax, shovel, shovel shovel, DUMP


We set up a tarp on the front yard to dump all the concrete

We worked well together and worked HARD. But boy oh BOY was some of that concrete THICK. In one area there were THREE pours that resulted in about 14" of concrete. NOT fun

It was VERY satisfying whenever we got a big huge piece

Because we worked on other tasks in the same day, we didn't get too much time in, maybe 3 hours, but I think we made good progress

We guessed that maybe we broke up about 50 sq. ft. or so for just the two of us in 3 hours. ONLY 50 sq. ft.

In order to maximize the help friends and family have graciously donated we decided that when Chris' friends come over we'd rent the jack hammer for 4 hours and have them jack hammer a grid all over the patio in hopes of making the next two days of family help go quicker. After all, we know the jack hammer works wonders.

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