Patio Party: Day 3

Once Chris and Luke had ripped up all the concrete in the backyard, it was time for Day 3 with Chris' sister and her boyfriend. The plan was to get all the bits and pieces of concrete out, and if we got that done, then it was time to start the big dig (everywhere where pavers are going needs to be dug out about 9 inches). We had HOPED that maybe towards the end of Day 4 we'd be able to start the big dig, so we were a bit ahead of the anticipated schedule, which was awesome.

And there was a lot that needed to be cleared out

Before Sarah and Eli came over I got started on the side of the house

I collected all the big pieces of concrete and piles of lots of concrete chips and put them in the front yard on our tarps with the rest of the concrete (we tried to keep the dirt and concrete as separate as possible so that we could haul away the concrete to the concrete recycling center and they don't accept any dirt)

Once it came to the point where it was dirt mixed in with small concrete flecks, I collected it together in a bucket, then tossed it in the pergola bed as fill

Things went pretty quickly

While I worked on the side, Chris worked on hauling out all the big concrete pieces that were still in the back

Soon Sarah and Eli arrived and jumped in

With the 4 of us working we got the yard cleared of concrete pretty quickly and before lunchtime we started the big dig.

Sarah and Eli worked on the transition from the patio area to the grass and Chris and I worked on digging out the strip of grass on the side of the house

But this time, with the digging getting started, the pergola bed started getting pretty full

By the end of the day (8 hours of shoveling concrete and digging) the four of us had gotten A LOT done (and were pretty fucking exhausted).

We cleared all the concrete

Eli started a nice corner over by the garage while Sarah was picking up lunch

Sarah and Eli got a nice border dug where the pavers will transition with the grass

Chris and I got a good portion of the side yard done (we'll eventually re-do the driveway at the front as well, but that's at a later time)

And Sarah and Eli joined in by starting to dig along the fence line (while still giving enough room to get the wheelbarrows by)

And we were left with a big ol' pile o' dirt in the pergola bed that we started raking to try and spread things out

With Sarah and Eli's help the yard was starting to look really great. And by great I mean, the concrete is gone and digging is started

We got further than I think any of us anticipated, which was good news. The goal with my mom, step dad, dad and step mom coming the next day was to get allllllll the digging done. It's important to take advantage of your parents as much as possible :)


threeacres said...

Holy cow that is a huge undertaking! Especially in this weather. I feel for you. We just tore down the chimney and two fireplaces in our house this past weekend. Hauling 15 tons of cement block and rubble down a flight of steps wasn't fun! The heat and humidity weren't helping either.

meryl rose said...

Holy jeebus, that is CRAZY! Chris and I were super lucky to have family and friends help out on this laborious process because it would have been absolutely terrible if it was just the two of us.