Patio Party: Day 4

Day 4 was all about taking advantage of my parents as much as possible :) And when your parents are divorced you get double the fun because there are double the parents :)

My dad and step mom Wendy came around 8:45. We toured them around the backyard and then got to work around 9

The plan was to have my dad and Wendy work on continuing the dig on the side of the house into the main backyard

Chris and I worked on the area that Eli had started the day before over in the corner by the garage. We always wanted to make sure we kept enough room for a wheelbarrow to get by, and it was also important not crowd an area with too many people, otherwise dirt went flying.

We all worked really well together, although it was pretty hilarious that over the weekend that we had 4 separate couples working in the backyard and it was nice to know that every single one of them bickered with each other. We all laughed and laughed about it. Home renovation + loving relationship = "you're doing that wrong."

But I digress.

With all the amazing digging we were doing (Chris' goal was to get allllll 700 sq. ft. done) we started filling up the beds pretty quickly

But our progress was looking mighty fine

Around 10:30 my mom and CBH came over. They came a bit later because CBH was getting ready for trial his firm is defending and he had some work to do. I know, I know, me and Chris are really cracking the whip :)

Soon we had all 4 parents working :)

And can I just say what a lucky divorced kid I am? My 4 parents actually all like each other and enjoy spending time together. Rockband anyone?

(my mom, dad and step bro)

So with all that good-natured help, came lots of progress

Around 12:30 my dad and Wendy had to leave because my dad had some meetings for work, but we guilted my mom and CBH into staying till 3 :)

And with our 4 set of hands it was starting to look like we might actually get all the digging done

Except for the fact that we were running out of fill space so we wouldn't be able to dig it all up because we'd have nowhere to deposit the rest of the dirt. So we decided to dig up to the corner of the raised bed and grass and put the leftover dirt that didn't make the fill area there.

And just to prove that I actually did dig during this whole 4 day patio extravaganza here's a picture of me working after I asked my mom, "Can you take a picture of me digging so we have evidence that I actually worked on this project?"

But around 2:15 I hit my breaking point. After nearly 15 hours spent digging and hauling concrete and dirt in the hot sun after not having drank enough water over the last 2 days I got the worst headache and became pretty worthless. I tried to stick it out until 3, but my 50 and 60 year old parents outdid me. Bastards.

After my hallucinations stopped I was able to stand and marvel at all we got done. Nearly everything got dug out (grading it will be a bitch), except that little triangle near the raised bed and flower garden

But we had a lot of dirt to figure out what to do with

But thank god the digging is done. Thanks parentals, siblings, and friends!!!


scotdog98 said...

Wow, y'all are working so hard on this house! I saw a house the other day & after reading your description of the type of house yours is, I said to myself "that house is the same style as the Picardy House." LOL!

I'm a long time lurker & have enjoyed your posts. I'm glad you realize how blessed it is to have divorced parents who like each other. Mine ended up hating each & can we say "very awkward wedding pics" ugh, it was such a beating trying to deal with all 4 of them. Sadly, my dad did pass away at 51 and I don't see my step mom anymore. But, I'm very glad it's a good situation for you! More divorced parents should try that :)

meryl rose said...

Aw, thanks so much!!! I do truly feel so lucky that my parents all get along. My brother recently got married and my 4 parents went out to dinner a few weeks later for a celebratory dinner together. I feel very fortunate that they enjoy each other's company. Just because marriages don't work out, doesn't mean you have to despise someone and I think my parents are all great examples of that. I'm sorry your parents didn't get along and I am terribly sorry your dad passed away and now you don't see your step mom :( life's turns sometimes veer us in a path that isn't fair :(

Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

scotdog98 said...

As I get older (48) I realize how young 51 was. Life is just too short for any bullbutter :) The hubster's word for ____ insert cuss word, although I have no idea what bullbutter really means, lol!