Throwing the List Out the Window

You may have wondered why our backyard looked barren and without any concrete or why Chris' truck top was sitting on our front lawn in those "After" pictures of our house finally being painted. Well, we've moved on to the next project!

Each year we make a list of the goals we want to accomplish on the house. This year we've stuck pretty close, though we did paint the house before we thought we would and skipped working on the back bathroom (despite all the tile and fixtures sitting in our front room waiting to be installed...) Because we did a little dabbling off the list with the last project, we decided what the hell, let's just throw the list completely out the window.

On to the backyard!

Though our backyard doesn't look like this anymore (taken right after we moved in)...

...it is need of some serious help to get it to that super duper relaxing stage.

We've built a veggie garden

Built a flower bed

Ripped down the old deck

Built a new one

And MANY other projects.

We intended on working on the backyard in a year or two. But the weather has been super great and we just thought, you know what, we're tired of longing for the days when we can hang out and enjoy the weather in our beautiful backyard, let's just do it NOW.

The plan: to rip up a whoooooooooollllllllle bunch of concrete (about 700 sq. ft. to be exact), build 2 raised beds near the garage for some lounging, build a pergola, install a paver patio and do some other minor touching up here and there.

So here's the plan

(you can click to make the pic bigger)

The new raised beds will go in the back between the garage and the vegetable garden. The pergola will be built on the second, larger raised bed. And that whole big area in front of the garage (and down the side of the house, though that's not drawn) is all the new pavers that we'll be putting in - 700 sq. ft. of them - after ripping up all the concrete and digging out a ton of dirt. And yes, TONS literally. Most likely a few tons of dirt.

Very exciting!!!


Erika said...

Awesome! We started working on our backyard this year, too. It actually started with planting three litte rose bushes in a weird former rock garden under our dining room window. We got the bug and have been playing in the dirt all spring and summer!

Keep posting pictures - so inspiring!

threeacres said...

That's a lot of stuff to do for one backyard! But it looks like a good plan. The second veggie garden next to the house might be too shady though. Some veggies will do OK in part shade but the vast majority like full sun. I have a lot of shade and haven't had much luck with my veggies. Unfortunately, I have no full sun to move them to.

meryl rose said...

Erika - this good weather is just too hard to pass up and NOT make our backyards beautiful :)

Robin - we're actually very lucky with the orientation of our house because the sun sets towards the back corner of the backyard, so the house doesn't obscure any sunlight from hitting the backyard past about 10:30 or 11 in the morning. Our backyard is lucky to be bathed in sunlight for a good 8+ hours in the summertime. The front however gets decent sunlight in the summer but all other times of the year is pretty much in shade all day long, so we'll definitely have to keep that in mind when we landscape. Miss your blogging!!!