Before & After: The Animal Room

It's not even tomorrow and I'm back with the Before & After :) I just snapped these pics and I was too excited to wait to post them tomorrow morning. So without further ado...

THE ANIMAL ROOM! (and yes, those are Christmas presents wrapped in the bottom right corner. I told you I buy them early)

Here she was when we moved in

And now!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this room. Which is great, because I spend a lot of time in here as I'm transitioning into hopefully working full time for my brother's real estate company within the next 6-12 months, hence the real estate license (yay!)

Now, some other angles.

When we started demo about 8 months ago the north wall looked like this

Now it's got some great shelves, an awesome refinished filing cabinet, my bobblehead collection and some accessories

The east wall used to have a window in it when this area was originally porch

I still haven't put anything on this wall. The paintings above my shelf were going to go here and then I rethought things. For the time being I like that it's blank because the rest of the room is so full that it's nice to have some breathing room

And the south wall. Originally it had a door to the backyard and our water heater. Isn't that just beautiful?

And now I've got a great chalkboard and work station

Let's look at the details.

The area next to the chalkboard needed to be filled in because it was feeling off balance (the chalkboard wasn't centered because of the light switch), so I hung up a corkboard and a print

I made the print in photoshop a few days ago as a reminder to keep it together everyday

I love my work station. I keep my inbox here for filing, my planner (yes, I still use a PAPER planner and it's not in my phone) and my cell

The shelves Chris built me are just downright awesome. And the best part, there's still room to fill in

And my filing cabinet? It's being put to good use

But the best part? The view out my window when I'm working at my computer

Ahhhhh. Beautiful. Well, except for the car on our lawn...but the pergola is gorgeous! :)

I'm so happy this room is finally done (I may have hung up the bulletin board and print 40 minutes ago...) This room is a huge improvement over what it was when we moved in and I'm super lucky that I get to call it my own. Christopher's the best :)

Now, for one more look


Now, if only the pile of dirt in our backyard was gone...


Erika said...

Congratulations. The room looks great and I LOVE the view!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Erika! That view makes me smile every day. I can't WAIT till the pavers are in :)

kit @ DIYdiva said...

It looks fabulous! I know it was a lot of work to get there, but I imagine its all worth it now.

meryl rose said...

Thanks Kit! It's great to have a space like you actually LIKE to be in while doing work :)