Gutters & Rain Barrels Just in time for Summer

It may be summer and 80 degrees, but that's the best time to install rain gutters :) The side of our garage has no gutter or downspout. We were fine with this before. The water would just run off the garage and drip in the concrete patio area. But now, with our raised beds built and our pergola making for a wonderful place to hang out, we thought the dripping would now be a tad annoying, so we set out to install some gutters

And while we were at it, we thought this would be a great place to install our newly purchased wine barrel to collect water for our veggie garden (an actual old wine barrel bought on craigslist for a great price)

What we didn't anticipate was how absolutely annoying putting the gutters on the garage would be. It involved many cuss words, many tools thrown and many loud and inappropriate rants. It was not fun

The problem was that the garage wall isn't straight and on top of that the rafters come out at different sizes too, so trying to tuck the gutter under all of the flashing was proving to be impossible because there was such a large bow in the gutter because of the non-straight wall and uneven rafters. For the gutter to be installed properly it should have been tucked under the flashing, but that just wasn't happening (insert many, loud, cussing rants). So we finally accepted that the gutter was just going to have to be attached over it

It made for some messy clean up (caulking to cover the holes), not our finest hour, that's for sure

But, hey, we pitched it correct and the gutter works with no dripping everywhere (we ran a man-made flash flood on the garage to make sure everything was working properly)

And once we knew things worked, it was time to add the caps to the end

A few days later after a trip to HD we bought some cinder blocks to raise our wine barrel up so that the water could flow over to the veggie bed (otherwise the wine barrel and veggie bed would be on the same plane and gravity couldn't work it's magic)

With the wine barrel set at a good height off the raised bed, we drilled a hole to install our downspout

Once we had the downspout attached, we drilled a hole in the top of the wine barrel

Once the hole was drilled through...

...you could really smell the wine that used to be in the barrel. I couldn't believe how fragrant it still was.

Unfortunately I didn't take any more pictures of the project till it was all done :( But we installed a fabric-screened grate on the top to catch leaves and plant bits before they fall into the barrel and also (hopefully) keep the mosquitoes away

We put in a hose bib and ran a hose along the back of the pergola and over to our veggies

We also installed an overflow hose bib on the top

For the time being - without any rain - we filled the wine barrel with another hose from the backyard so we can water our veggies using the barrel and just place the hose at each tomato plant in the veggie garden, and they're loving it

I can't wait to see how much water the wine barrel catches in the winter time!


Bunny @ 86n It said...

I'm jealous! We have yet to finish our gutters let alone do a rain barrel!

upandadamries.com said...

My garage doesn't have gutters either; it looks like they fell down and no one bothered to replace the fascia boards and put them back up. But I am just trying to get the house done, then tackle the garage. But I can agree with your rain barrel idea, I would like to do the same whenever that adventure actually begins.

meryl rose said...

Bunny - putting up those gutters was a DISASTER, I cannot imagine the headache of putting them on the whole house, I bow at your ambition :)

Adam - Chris and I never actually intended to put gutters on our garage, it was sort of a nice procrastination project :)