Just Because it's Built, Doesn't mean it's Done

Sure, it'd be easy to check off the pergola as finished, but we're not quite there. With the great shade it provides, the privacy it gives in the back corner of the yard and just the awesome-ness of it :) it's becoming a favorite area of mine throughout the whole inside and outside of our house.

And because I love it so much, I want to make it an even more inviting and hang out-able area. We've got the wine barrel and grill already out there...

...but I would loooooove some seating. And somewhere great to sit while we eat at future backyard BBQ's would be fantabulous.

My dad and Wendy gave us a pretty sweet outdoor table and chairs about 2 years ago when they got new ones. But the table is round, and the diameter is a bit wide with the chairs around it to fit under the pergola very well :(

So I've got a plan :) A picnic table! The plan will be to build a longish (maybe 8-9 feet?) picnic table to sit on the top raised bed under the pergola to sit at and hang out

(image found here)

And some twinkly lights? Yes please!

(image found here)

Though I'm thinking of these rope LED lights.

I was originally thinking about a pretty traditional picnic table, but maybe something a bit different would look cool. Like this?

(image found here)

The plan to spruce up the pergola area may also include putting in 2 chairs on the first raised bed across from the grill. Adirondacks are always a favorite

(image found here)

I know Adirondacks can be a bit difficult to build, so I'm not sure if we'll try to build some of our own or maybe just go ahead and purchase a pair. Or maybe we'll go with a different style?

(found here)

Or how awesome would this swing be? (just a little hard to build and way too expensive to buy)

(found here)

For all the building fun I'm debating buying this book to get some ideas and plans

But it's only got 2 stars, so I'm not so sure.

All these ideas are definitely making me excited to make the pergola area even more inviting and fun! If only we could find the time to get to all these projects...


Deb said...

Have you checked out Ana White's site? (if not, just google her name) She has some amazing plans for outdoor furniture. Brian and I are building an outdoor sectional this winter based on her plans :)

meryl rose said...

Sweet! Thanks for the info! I googled her and now her site is marked as a favorite :)

Deb said...

No problem! I'm completely addicted to her site now. I plan on making lots of stuff this winter :)

Sarah said...

I like the last picnic table option. It's more modern and sleek.

Also, re:Adirondacks are great - but maybe you should buy? Most people are discounting their patio stuff for fall - you might be able to score a set for cheaper than you can build. Granted, we went the plastic route and scored two adirondacks for less than $20 the other day at Bed Bath and Beyond. Just a thought.

At any rate, good job!

Anonymous said...

Read the comments on those rope lights - looks like they might not be such a great deal.

My word verification is "beropen" so maybe rope lights are your destiny!!!

Are you planting something that will climb up onto the pergola?

It looks so inviting - I'd be out there as much as could be and nothing else would get done.

Another long distance pat on the back headed your way!

Orlando, FL

meryl rose said...

Thanks you guys! :)

Sarah - I TOTALLY saw those Adirondacks a BB&B! I may just have to make a trip there tomorrow morning... :)

Sarah said...

Do it. They're really comfy. :-)

meryl rose said...

Well then I think that purchase might just happen :)

Tamara said...

Yes, buy those chairs instead of build them. WAY too much work. I LOVE THE PERGOLA!!! Great job, guys. Excellent vision & execution.