40 Wheelbarrow Loads = 800 Shovels

Last Tuesday our second load of pack got delivered. 5 yards

And because I'm a crazy person I decided to load a bunch of pack into the backyard by myself. It was not a smart decision. My back was very upset with me the next day. I did 40 wheelbarrow loads and Chris and I have started a weird OCD behavior of always loading 20 shovel-fulls into a wheelbarrow load. So at 40 wheelbarrow loads that made for 800 shovels into that big ol' pile of pack.

And into the backyard little mine field piles went

Let me just say: it sucked. I was a sweaty, dirty, hot mess

It happened to be a pretty hot day (reaching about 90) and I was dripping sweat. I finally relented and did the last 15 loads or so in my jeans and sports bra. Hey, boys take their shirts off all the time and I just couldn't take it anymore. Plus, it was at about 2 in the afternoon so not many of my neighbors were home. Thank god. Sorry for seeing my blindingly white belly neighbors.

I got a pretty nasty blister too

But the worst part? It didn't look like I even put a dent in that damn pile

When Chris got home from work he did some more wheelbarrow loads. I tried to pry myself outside to help. But that didn't really happen.

Over the next few days in pairs or by ourselves Chris and I filled in the rest of the pack (plus an additional 3 yard delivery we got for a total of 12 yards so far)

And my blister? Two others have made an appearance

But the good news is that the second layer of pack is done!


Bunny @ 86n It said...

I spent my whole summer shoveling gravel too. It sucks!

threeacres said...

That doesn't look fun. So I got to ask with all of the digging, moving, and hauling of dirt and stone why didn't you guys just rent a bobcat? You could done it all in one weekend.

aptpupil said...

doing it by hand builds character and muscles, is free, creates a story for later, and there's no learning curve or space restrictions.

meryl rose said...

Bunny - I only hope my backyard looks 1/2 as good as yours after all the shoveling, hauling, dragging, packing, mixing...bleh....

Robin - plus, we'd need to rent it a few times because of logistics and so I think it might have gotten a little expensive, and we're trying to keep the cost down as much as possible because we need to cover so much sq. ft. so all the material is already pretty costly.