Loading in the Pack

Finally with our schedules matching Chris and I had time to work on bringing in the pack to the backyard. The last few weekends either I'd be working at the A's or Chris would be down in LA and loading 5 yards of pack into the backyard is not a good one person job.

We started with the sea of dirt

Chris went to our local landscape place and ordered a ton o' pack to be delivered. Saturday mornings some weirdo drunk guy works at the place so it's never really fun to be there, but apparently he had his shit together enough to schedule our delivery. They were a bit under staffed so Chris had 1/2 yard loaded into his truck so we could work on loading that into the backyard while we waited for our delivery (around noon they said, but it ended up being early). With Chris' truck full of pack...

...we started bringing it into the backyard

With ten or so wheelbarrow loads taken into the backyard we started spreading things out

We'd be renting a plate compactor from HD the following day and per the machine's instructions the pack should be about 2-3 inches thick for it to tamp down, so we tried to spread things pretty evenly.

After we got the truck all unloaded we sorta fiddled around trying to figure out about how much fill needed to go in various areas while we waited for our delivery

Luckily, shortly after the truck from the landscape company came to deliver 4 1/2 yards of pack

And with the HUGE pile of pack delivered we started a nice assembly line of Chris filling the wheelbarrows (we had 2, one rented from the Oakland Tool Lending Library) and me wheeling them into the backyard and dumping them in little mine field piles

After about 20 loads we took a little break (it was HOT) and then got the landscape rake out to spread things out

Then we started our system again: Chris would load 10 wheelbarrows, I wheeled them back. Then I loaded 5 wheelbarrows and Chris wheeled them back

Then it was mini-break time. Then spread it all out time

Again. Load the wheelbarrows, wheel them back

Spread it all out

Once we were all done covering the dirt with about 2 inches of pack...

...we took some small wheelbarrow loads into the back to fill in areas we could tell were a little too shallow

And after about 3 hours or so we had the backyard covered

And a big pile left

We were finished around 2pm, but because we had to head out to Napa at 4:30 (for a belated birthday dinner for my dad) we worked on some small projects here and there, but resolved that the next day it would be our goal to tamp this layer down, then load in another 4 or so inches everywhere (which would amount to another 4 yards or so), get that tamped down and be ready for sand and pavers!


Heating Pools said...

Wow! This is cool and amazing how nicely you both have done it. I really inspired by your work and just want to say you are doing great job. Thank you for sharing with us.

aptpupil said...

actually, it was more than just a ton. it was more like 7.5 tons for the 5 yards we worked on that day.