That's how many pavers got delivered this morning

That made for a lot of sand shoveling, and a lot of paver laying

Doesn't this look inviting?

But we did get a lot done (272 sq. ft. baby!), so that's good. Chris even decided to take some great pictures of me working

Why hello my butt.

It was an exhausting day, complete with a hilarious Meryl-is-exhausted moment: I'm working the Raiders game tomorrow and they're playing the Patriots. I hate the Patriots. And Tom Brady. And Bill Belichick. So I was trying to decide whether it would be worth it to make fun of Tom Brady during the coin toss (as a cable puller I get to be in the huddle at mid-field). Of course I was totally joking and wouldn't ever do it. Mostly because I'd get fired :) Get fired at the Raiders = get fired at the A's. So Chris says, "yeah and they're like 1/2 of your yearly salary." And I said, "more like 50%." Really, Meryl? REALLY?

Clearly I need to go to bed.


Kelly C. said...

LOL, thanks for the laugh! I'd be so sore after all that work!! Hope you get some rest.

meryl rose said...

Oh yes I did...I fell asleep on the couch at about 9:30, hehehe :)