Cuts, Concrete and Mulch

The pavers are making their way towards the driveway, but we did have to do some backing up to get to some cuts and filling in. Not nearly as exciting, but very necessary. We already worked on making some cuts during the tropical storm, but it was time to return for many more.

The pavers ran pretty close to being a full stone along the side of the house

And being close to full but no cigar meant we needed to make loooooooots of cuts

After the brick wall that the shed sits on comes the concrete landing off of the deck. There was a large gap in the concrete at the bottom, so Chris worked on tossing some concrete underneath

The process of making all the cuts was not fun. I made the marks, Chris did a large cut with the tile saw, then I used the grinder to chip off the last bit...

Then we laid them down. And little by little we were making progress

On top of tossing in some concrete under the landing we needed to re-pour the part of the landing that got ripped up when we got the sewer redone

More concrete you ask? Well we had to put a bunch along the edging

More went along the back landing (because there was no way we were cutting down a paver about 1/4" thick to sit in that little tiny sliver)

And lastly, in this little triangle and sliver that we couldn't stick a paver in either (there were rocks at the bottom and sand will get filled in everywhere else when we're done so it won't look so crazy)

But the most exciting part? The mulch!

All along the left side of the pavers there is a decent size gap between the pavers and the fence. The fence slowly creeps out wider and we didn't want to stagger the pavers because we didn't think it'd look great. Instead we decided that we would lay down gravel or mulch or something to fill the gap

We went to HD and bought 12 bags (we calculated for 11 and bought one extra because we've got some other areas of the back that could use some). And while Chris did some of the concrete work, I broke open those bags and laid everything out

And I gotta say, that gap is super big and I was nervous that it looked a little wacky, but that mulch makes things look nice and crisp

Once the car gets moved from our lawn (at least it's on the backyard lawn and not sitting on our front yard lawn), it'll be lined up against the fence in the back, but along the wider part of the mulch across from the house right here...

...I am very excited to get some planting containers and adding some life!


Erika said...

This looks phenomenal! The amount of work - and the quality of work is amazing.

I love the mulch - it looks crisp and finished! We planted ajuga (ground cover) in our gap areas like that and it spread quickly. I assume it would grow well in CA, too.

Thanks for posting!!

Bunny @ 86n It said...

This is looking AMAZING!

meryl rose said...

Thanks ladies!

Erika - between the concrete for the fence posts and the concrete for the paver edging there is not too much area for roots to grow, so that's why we decided against a ground cover, which was our first choice. The mulch was super easy, and with some container plants we figured we could add some MUCH needed greenery

threeacres said...

Wow that looks great! Mulch was a good idea because then you can plant plants in there if you are ever so inclined. When we first bought our house we went with rocks in the front and found ourselves tearing them out two years later.