I Guess 4,112 Pavers Just isn't Enough

This past weekend while Chris' cousin was here we worked on tackling the pavers and trying to tame the dirt in the front yard. While Chris and Sean attempted to tame the dirt, I set about running the pavers down the driveway

Screeding was definitely a two person job

But once the screed was done I was left to my own devices

Once the pavers make it to the driveway on the right side there is a step out to accommodate a car actually being able to cruise up the driveway (still obviously need to address the missing pavers in the middle)

And we'll need to make some cuts to make the pavers flush with our neighbor's house

But after those angles it was smooth sailing

That is, until we ran out of pavers less than 10ft. short from the end of the driveway

We thought about going out to get more pavers, but it was late in the day and my arms were tired so we figured we'd get it finished another time. And sure enough, when I got home from work the next day the boys had finished it off (after purchasing another 350 pavers)

It looks awesome! That pitch looks super great.

Now just comes the finishing touches: edging, concrete, cuts, brick transitions, poly sand...I'm really looking forward to the end of this project, especially my back.


Erika said...

I want this driveway!

Our drive is janky. Tons of tree roots growing up in it. Very narrow (also a 20s house). Broken up. Three different materials.

Would you do the pavers again? Would you recommend it to a friend(and by friend I mean frequent blog visitor)?

meryl rose said...

Thanks Erika!

And from one friend to another :) - hmmmm, this project has been SUPER hard. Lots of back labor, lots of lifting, lots of hard work and lots of cussing. But, I really do think it looks super great and I really really love it. I don't know if I would do it AGAIN in my own house, because once is enough to know how friggin' laborious it is, but I really think it totally transforms the back and driveway in such a positive way that I would totally recommend it! (because I'm sick and twisted like that :) heheehehehe)

Deb said...

It looks amazing!!! I love the brick - and I love the fact that you guys went with something with character rather than just pouring concrete. Awesome job!

meryl rose said...

Thanks Deb!

I'm with you: 900+ sq. ft. of pavers are a lot more pleasing to the eye than a sea of concrete (yuck!)